Top 5 Online Cheap Photo Printing Sites

Time to print and share those beautiful photos stuck in your computer

There are many places online where you can get cheap photo cards, holiday cards and photo prints.  It is a shame that most people don’t print out and share a lot of their great photos.  With very little time you can create some amazing and memorable photos that make great gifts and house decorations.  Plus the merchants below are offering 135 free photos when you sign up for their services.

Cheap Photo Book

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3.  Free Custom 5×7 Photo Book –

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Cheap Photo
Photo Books make great gifts.

Here are some great photo printing gift ideas:

  • Large Poster Prints
  • Custom Thank You Photo Cards
  • Special Invitation Photo Cards
  • Photo Books – Tell a story with your photos
  • Mugs, Calendars and Apparel

Overview was a surprising best buy with the cheapest cost per photos.  While the other more popular photo sites had a larger selection of different  photo products.   Wal-Mart Photo  was also enticing because of their 1 hour in-store pick-up. is tailored for photo enthusiasts and professional photographers.  If your looking to backup your photos them is the place offering unlimited high resolution photo uploads.  There is no need to worry about losing your priceless photos anymore.

1. Coupon is operated by HP.  Like is offer a huge selection of photo gifts. has some very unique photo gifts which include dog collars, baby bid, decorative pillow, diaper bag, puzzles and wall clocks.  If your looking for gifts for babies then you’ll find many cute gifts at

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2. Coupon is one of the most popular online photo printing services.  They offer a huge selection of products including custom calendars, mugs, posters, photo cards and canvas prints.  Their products make great personal gifts for any occasion.  I especially like their photo cards for Christmas, thank you cards and photo books.  They are also offering 15 free photo prints for new customers.

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3.  Canvas People

canvas people logo

Canvas People turn your favorite photos into canvas prints. These are great for decorating your home, office or a great gift for your family and friends.

Right now Canvas People are offering an 8×10 canvas for free ($49.99 value). Make sure to select the ‘No Frame’ and ‘No Effect’ options to keep it free. No coupon code necessary.  A credit will be automatically applied at checkout. However, you will be responsible for shipping and handling charges ($14.95). They ship standard postage using FedEx and USPS. For faster delivery, they do offer Express and Priority shipping options.

Canvas People Promotions
Free 8×10 canvas – limited time
50% off any size canvas – limited time

Ordering a canvas is easy:

  • Choose a photo
  • Upload your photo
  • Select your canvas size (8×10, 11×11, 11×14, 16×16, 16×20, 24×36), frame, special effects
  • Place your order

4.  Kodak Easy Share Gallery – Now

With a name like Kodak you know they have quality photos.  At $0.15 a 4×6 photo print they are more pricey then other photo sites.  Kodak also features Martha Stewart exclusive photo cards, books, calendars and mailing labels.

Note: has acquired Kodak Gallery

All existing customer accounts have been transferred to Shutterfly.  Please see Shutterfly promotions.

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20 Free 4×6 Photo Prints
20% Off Photo Cards
10% Off Calendars

5. coupons

If your a professional photographer or serious shutterbug then SmugMug is for you.  They have become very popular because of their unlimited photo storage which means you never have to worry about taking too much pictures.  SmugMug claims to store 4 copies of each photo in 3 different states so you know your photos will be secure and safe.

While other sites offer free online photo storage no one compares to SmugMug’s features plus you never have to worry about ads or spam.  You can store all your photos in high resolution plus it has all the Web 2.0 tags, RSS feeds, API and AJax.  If your a professional photographer you can even price your photos online and sell them at whatever price you choose.  Plus you can even have your own URL.  No doubt this is where the serious photographers store their photos.






Update: Unfortunately, has recently shut down their service. was the best value out of the bunch.  They also are offering 25 free photo cards and 55 free photos when you sign up.  They have the lowest prices 4×6 photos at only $0.09 a picture.  You may have never heard of but be sure to check them out and compare.  If your worried about quality Photoworks prints their photos using Kodak Perfect Touch Processing.

Recent Promotions and Coupons
25 Free Photos Cards – $18 Value
30 Free 4×6 Photos, Plus extra 25 when you sign up (55 total)

If you are looking for more than just photos, check out our free business magazines via Tradepub and Mr. Cheap Stuff.

Mr. Cheap Stuff



10 years ago

hmm! what about dotphoto? I like their site too and was wnodering why that is not listed.


10 years ago

Do any of these sites have the capability of using the metadata (standard exif) info in the file to extract the date taken and put onto the print?


10 years ago

Good question, I'm not exactly sure on that. You would have to check it out for yourself. Anybody know the answer to this question?


10 years ago

>There is no need to worry about loosing your priceless photos anymore. How do you loose something? Lose = opposite of found Loose = opposite of tight; opposite of chaste FWIW: Shutterfly's customer service sucks and Wal*Mart's 4x6 prints are now only 9¢ shipped, beating Shutterfly's pre-purchased photo plans.


10 years ago

Thanks for the spelling update. Thank god for spell check.


10 years ago

Shutterfly customer service was awesome for me they messed up on my book and then sent me another one immediately overnight and in the end I got to have 2 books!


10 years ago

Please check out Officemax! They have an awsome price of $0,05 for 4x6 photoprints.


10 years ago

What about I heard they are like Smugmug for professional photographers. Anyone know how good (or bad) they are?


10 years ago

I never heard of Smugmug seems to be very popular among professional photographers because of the unlimited storage and features.


10 years ago

thanks so much for this page, I was looking for this information exactly and you gave me some new ideas as I've always used Kodak. I'm going to check out Wal-Mart and some of the others you mention now. Thanks again!

Milan Thakkar

10 years ago

Walgreens has a promotion good until next week. 50% off all prints which makes it .09 per 4x6 print with pick up from store or shipped. Coupon code is HALFPRICE. Email me to let me know if this works for you


10 years ago

I found Kodak cumbersome to use and expensive. Shutterfly wasn't too bad, but I found a 30% discount going on now until the end of 2009 on I ordered my disney vacation photobook from with that 30% discount. Their software is easy to use and the quality is great. I even used a Mac and I had no problems. Many sites suck on the Mac, but inkubook worked great and the price is right. Last year I did a huge wall calendar from inkubook too, since it was a good price, easy to use, and excellent quality I'm sticking with them.


10 years ago

Actually, there is a site,, that beats all of the above sites. They offer $0.06 per 4x6 print, very inexpensive shipping, and 50 FREE prints with your first order! They also have monthly photo contests that you can enter for a chance to win a ton of free prints. I use them all the time and their shipping is really fast and the prints are of amazing quality!


10 years ago SUC!K!S the worst user interface and the least intuitive site. I could have watercolored faster than navigate their weakly and poorly written code. Good Bye Shutterfly


10 years ago has good prices but they only allow a maximum of 9 photo's per page. Snapfish allows 15 photo's per page. I found that Clark and York websites were an identical setup as Snapfish. The only difference is $0.20 cheaper. I think they are the same same site owner creating competition for themselves.


10 years ago

Clark's Photo lab is also good. Right now their special is 1/2 price prints, which mean .04 per print.


10 years ago

I have had great customer service from Shutterfly, as I am in Canada, my products often don't arrive in a timely manner and so several times I have called and had the item sent or credited to my account and then low and behold the item shows up, yeah for free stuff. I do find their photobooks especially the custom one, to be very slow and hard to use, but the finished product looks nice and they often email me with free things ie a free hard cover 8x8 photo book, 20pages, all I had to do was pay 6.99 to ship to Canada.

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