Listerine Teeth Whitening Strips

Get a free sample of Listerine teeth whitening strips.  What makes these teeth whitening strips unique is that the strips dissolve so there is no mess and nothing to remove.  These strips go on the top and bottom teeth for about 5-10 minutes before they dissolve.  Please allow four weeks for the samples to arrive in the mail.  Walmart samples consistently come in so you will get yours in the mail.  Whiles supplies last.

Sounds kind of scary that it whitens your teeth yet dissolves in your mouth.  It must be a lot easier to use then those Crest White Strips.  It also says that it takes two week to have a noticeably whiter smile.  Enjoy.

White Teeth

Listerine Teeth Whitening Strips

Mr. Cheap Stuff



9 years ago

Skip the chemicals, just chew a strawberry, and keep it along your gums for 5 minutes. Rinse and smile at your white teeth!


9 years ago

I never heard of that one before.

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