Top 10 Best Cheap Fast Food Meal Deals

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In today’s society of instant satisfaction in meals, the individual has plenty of choices in bargains for fast food. Sometimes he/she may not feel like standing over a hot stove, or waiting for that pot roast in the oven.  Try checking out our top 10 cheap and healthy foods for some inspiration.

Sticking a hot pocket in the microwave may even be a chore for some (this has to be one lazy individual, but I’ll let it go for now). Anyway, the easiest place to find while driving on any interstate across the nation is a fast food chain.  Fast food is obviously not good for you as we highlighted in our top 10 foods that make you fat.

The good news about most fast food franchises is the fact that bargain deals usually deluge most menus. Here are the top 10 best bargain fast food meals.

1.  The 99-cent menu at Wendy’s.

The bowl of chili, chicken nuggets, small French fries, baked potato, chocolate Frosty, bacon cheeseburger, and more.

Wendy's Meal

Fries and a Wendys Frostie.  Credit

2.  Arby’s 5 roast beef sandwiches for 5 dollars.

This is even a good deal for the connoisseur of Baked Alaska and Château Briand (although you may not want to let the other yuppie snobs know you actually eat at Arby’s).

3.  The Filet O’ Fish at McDonald’s.

It is a good choice if not compared to Baked Alaska.

Filet O Fish

What kind of fish is in a Filet O’ Fish?  Credit

4.  Sandwiches at Subway.

They are actually worth the customer’s time if he/she doesn’t mind the Grand Inquisition. “Swiss or Provolone…olives…tomatoes…six or twelve inch? Enough with the inquiries, already…I’ll have a Number Three twelve inch—light on the onions and hold the questions.

5.  The Tostadillo at Taco Bell

It is quite different from the Burritillo. The Tostadillo has a shell, shredded cheese, refried beans, onions and tomatoes. It costs about 79 cents for the small and $1.39 for the deluxe.

6.  The Double Cheeseburger at White Castle.

It is good for the consumer that wants to not only double the beef and cheese, but also double the onions and pickles as well. At $1.20, you can’t have just one of these belly bombers.

White Castle Burgers

“Time to inhale these babies”.  Credit

7.  The Original Whopper at Burger King.

This burger can be purchased for less than $1.20 at select locations, for the great taste of a sandwich with questionable nutrition value.


“Hungry little fella”.  Credit

8.  The value menu at McDonald’s.

It seemed to cost just as much to eat a meal of a Big Mac, French fries and refreshing soft drink, as it does today with the dollar menu. I even remember the commercial from the early to mid-1980s: “Big Mac, Filet O’ Fish, Quarter Pounder, French Fries, Icy Coke, Milk Shake, Sundae and Apple Pie.”

9.  Jack-in-the-Box has a new value meal.

“The Big Deal” includes two beef tacos, a chicken sandwich, and 20-ounce soft drink all for $2.59. The calories clock in at 892 calories with 37 g. of fat (11 g. saturated fat)—not to mention 1274 mg. sodium, 58 g. of sugar and 114 g. of carbohydrates. Arteries…don’t fail me now!Checkers (or Rally’s in some regions) is renowned for its burgers, fries and colas.

Jack-In-The-Box Tacos

Just what the doctor ordered? Credit

10.  At Checkers, the Champ Burger with Cheese.

This mega calorie burger is only $3 for two. But that’s not all—you get to decide how you want the burger with your own cheese (Pepper jack, Cheddar or American).

When the time comes and you have the serious “munchies”, it’s time for fast food to come to the rescue.  Even if you don’t have the time or cash you might want to try one of our quick, cheap and easy meals. You may have to perform a high-wire act when it comes to what’s best for your health, but if it’s great taste, and less nutrition you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with any of the above choices.  You can see the list of free birthday meals for more cheap eats.

Another great money saver are Entertainment Book coupons.  What are you favorite cheap fast food meals?

Mr. Cheap Stuff



9 years ago

Cici's all you can eat buffet is a very good deal as well. for about 4 and a half bucks you have unlimited pizza, pasta, salad, soup, desserts. And no time limit so bring some friends and just hang out all day! only rip off is unlimited fountain drinks is extra.


9 years ago

i think jack in the box is the best deal because they serve everything at all hours for a very good price. their chains are the only place i have ever gone to and was able to get a hamburger with as many patties and whatever else i wanted.


9 years ago

Del Taco offers a buy one get one 1/2 lb bean burrito coupon on the back of their receipt if you go online & complete a survey. That makes it only $1.07 for two bean & cheese burritos. Of course, skip the soda and drink water.

Tyler Lang

9 years ago

Notice that this was posted in August 2007 but the comments are from July to November 2008...just as most of us americans were learning what a budget is.


9 years ago

Cousins Subs gives two 7 1/2 inch subs for $5. That's 2 1/2 more inches of Subs than Subway's $5 footlong. And no inquisition.

ravi lahori

9 years ago

great place for breakfast/lunch/dinner.sign up to get a buy one get one.hidden treasure in pikesville,baltimore

Mike Hunt

9 years ago

Baked Alaska is ice cream, not fish.


9 years ago

@bob "Cousins Subs gives two 7 1/2 inch subs for $5. That’s 2 1/2 more inches of Subs than Subway’s $5 footlong. And no inquisition." Basic math fail- that's 3 more inches, not 2 1/2. Sorry, couldn't resist :P

Broseph Stalin

9 years ago

Subway is by no means a good deal... especially when compared to Little Caesar's $5 large cheese or peperoni pizza. Not the best pizza you'll eat, but the ultimate in munchies material.

The King

9 years ago

Check out Burger King locations on July 2nd-4th, 2011 for their special on the Original Chicken Sandwich for only $1.04

Cookie Munster

9 years ago

Sheets sells 3 hot dogs for $1.07 with a sheets card(free).

man o man

9 years ago

2007 was a nice year. It's 2014 now and these prices are long gone.

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