Top 10 Fast Food Meals That Make You Fat

Normally cooked in advance and in bulk before being reheated (or kept warm), fast food exists to make life more convenient for the consumer looking for a quick meal. Hamburgers and French fries are as traditional in America as baseball and apple pie. With fast food, the choices are as accessible as a self-service smorgasbord.  See our article on the top 10 healthy & cheap foods.

Fast Food Credit

Ironically, most often than not a fast food selection is representative of the individual eating the food. A milk shake usually goes hand-in-hand with the body shake of a person—the bigger the cup, the more the shake. We live in a society where you no longer have to even articulate what food order you want at the fast food restaurant. A mere grunt of “Number 4” can get you a Double Quarter Pounder Meal at the local McDonald’s. Pity the cashier that makes the mistake of asking the 6’ 280-pound truck driver if he’d like his “Number 4” super-sized. “What d’ya think, lady?”

Ladies and Gentlemen, now is the moment we’ve all been waiting for—the top 10 worst fast food meals in the land of saturated fats, cholesterol and calories. If high cholesterol and heart disease are about to move in your “not-so-friendly” neighborhood of health risk, then it’s time to face the music.  Also see our guide to the top 10 cheap & easy meals.

Top 10 Wost Fast Food Meals

1.  Let’s start with the McDonald’s Deluxe Breakfast…shall we? The deluxe breakfast at McDonald’s includes sausage, eggs and pancakes asphyxiated in margarine and syrup, with a biscuit and hash browns.  This can actually work to your advantage if consumed occasionally (like four times a year). However, the total of this tasty breakfast meal at “the house Ronald McDonald built” is 1220 calories, with 550 total fat (17 g. saturated fat). Enjoy it now—this is going to hurt you later.


McDonalds Kid Credit
Child abuse anyone?

2.  Burger King’s Triple Whopper with Cheese is the ideal example of the more, the better. If we were to look at Whopper with Cheese, the calorie intake alone is 760, with 47 g. fat (16 g. saturated fat). With the Triple Whopper with Cheese, we’re looking at 1230 calories with 82 g. fat (32 g. saturated fat). This doesn’t even include French fries.

Triple Whopper Credit
The Deadly Triple Whopper

3.  The Taco Bell Fiesta Taco Salad is on the top 10 worst fast food meals list? What’s the world coming to when you can’t even enjoy a refreshing, crisp salad without someone wagging a finger at you? Unfortunately, “salad” is just a moniker (in this case) for potpourri of unhealthy delicacies. This meal is in the neighborhood of 860 calories, with 46 g. of fat (14 g. saturated fat).

4.  Stuffed Crust Meat Lover’s Pie from Pizza Hut can do a hurting on your arteries. Two slices alone contain 82 g. of fat (22 g. saturated fat) with 1,000 calories.

5.  Caramel Pecanbon from Cinnabon has nothing on Wheaties in the health department. We’re talking 1,100 calories (56g. total fat), with practically no nutrients of worth whatsoever.

Cinnabon Credit
“I think I just got a cavity just by looking at this Cinnabon roll”

6.  Boston Market may provide healthy meals, but the delicious Chicken Pot Pie has 750 calories, with 46g. fat (14 g. saturated fat).

Boston Market Chicken Pot Pie Credit
Boston Market Chicken Pot Pie – “Bringing the Hurt”

7.  Subway, with nerdy, bespectacled Jared as a spokesperson, endorses healthy meals at affordable prices constantly. However, the 6-inch Double Meat Classic Tuna slipped through the “eat fresh” cracks with clinging cheese and plenty of mayonnaise to clog an artery at a flick of a shred of lettuce. This “cardiac arrest waiting to happen” delicacy contains 790 calories, with 55g fat (16 g saturated fat). I suppose Jared the poster boy avoided this selection during his celebrated diet.

8.  The ExtravaganZZa Feast from Domino’s is a deep-dish pizza, with ham, pepperoni, onion, mushrooms, black olives, beef, sausage and extra cheese. With only two slices, we’re talking about 860 calories, and 46 g. of fat (17 g. saturated fat).

9.  The Mashed Potato Bowl with Gravy from KFC has more fat than the fried chicken with 690 calories and 31 g. of fat (9 g. saturated fat).

KFC Mashed Potato Bowl Credit
“I’m on a diet, I’ll just eat the mash potato bowl?”

10.  Dairy Queen is popular for their cool, creamy treats that can satisfy a craving like nothing else in the dessert business. Imagine serving of 1290 calories, with 500 g. of fat (39 g. saturated fat). That’s what you will get with the Caramel CheeseQuake Blizzard to match the quake of your hips, backside and love handles.

If you do plan on eating all these foods you can at least check out our coupons and order some antacids or tums.

Bill Cosby said it best when he cried, “I am what I ate, and I’m frightened.” We all have our weaknesses when it comes to fast food delicacies and desserts. However, the health and diet consequences may not be worth the price of satisfying a fast food crave on a routine basis.

What is on your list of fast food that make you fat?

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Mr. Cheap Stuff


Marita Oh

9 years ago

The person who figured out the math for this article needs a little help. If one gram of fat contains 9 calories then an item containing 500 grams of fat, i.e, the dairy queen item, then the item would have 4500 caloies in fat alone. Ditto for the MacDonald's item. As disgusting and unhealthy as these foods are - they don't contain hundreds of fat calorie - at least not yet! :-)


9 years ago

This would have been a better article if the author had listed the top ten least fattening fast foods in comparison to the most fattening. We all know what's bad for us, we need help knowing what there is that's fast and good.

Activist Mommy

9 years ago

I've got an easy solution, one that has worked well for me. Don't eat fast food, evr, any, at all, period. Fill up with fresh fruits and veggies all day, toss in some nuts/seeds, and a little dairy. Then smile while everyone else complains about the fat content in the triple cheese covered bacon burger with mayo.

Daniel R.

9 years ago

Cheers to what "Activist Mommy" above me says. Fast Food is unhealthy because it is about business. Convenience. Shelf-life. Cost-cutting measures. Compared to other countries, America on the whole eats wrong. Here's an example: Not only is everything about an iced cold soda beverage bad, but drinking with meals is bad for digestion because it dilutes the stomach acids, fills up the stomach, and causes people to chew food less thoroughly (I'll admit there is some controversy over this on the internet but read more about it in books and decide for yourself). Drink mostly in between meals and little or not at all during. Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans are best. Check out renowned nutrionist Dr. Gillian McKeith's book "You Are What You Eat."


9 years ago

yes! i maintain to eat this food once a day (lol) cuz im thin person and i want to become fatty! hehheh thanks for the details i got for this site. have a nice day.....


9 years ago

I question all this.. I know I'm not fit or skinny.. However, I don't believe that it's bad to eat fast food. I've lived on Fast Food for the past 5 years. And sure maybe it's had some internal effects. But honestly I don't think it's really adding anything worse, maybe it is. I think since you only got 1 life to live that you should be happy with it. And for me. I enjoy eating a good meal. And I can't afford to eat at a nice restaurant. And honestly most ppl don't go to restaurants alone. So Fast Food really is the answer. I've heard that even if you have a gastric bypass and only eat like nothing, you can still gain weight. So really there's no stopping it. I say do whatever you like. Anyways that's what ppl are going to do.


9 years ago

And we wonder why America is FAT!!


9 years ago

Unhelpful comment Jim. I'm guessing you're British and we're headed that way too. I visited America recently and it's not just the fast food chains that are dishing up food unbelievably high in calories and fat. I didn't see a healthy option in any of the 15 restaurants I visited. This has to be about demand - the sooner American citizens let chains know they want to eat fresh, nutritional food the better

tereeka skelton

9 years ago

i love your website

James R.

9 years ago

As a proud American, it is difficult to sit back and watch as my country is ridiculed as the fat kid on the proverbial world playground. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that this self-inflicted wound we call our “epidemic of obesity” traces back to a more poignant issue I’ve been littering forums with for a good while now. The truly underlying issue here is not that greedy, capitalist restaurant chains use cheap products to supply the ever-growing need for cheap, fast, crappy food. The real issue is that people don’t take responsibility for their own actions. No one is twisting your arm forcing you to eat at McDonald’s every day. Saying you’re obese because you can’t help that you crave double cheeseburgers for every meal is also not a viable excuse and blaming McDonald’s for supplying you with the means to give yourself a myocardial infarction by the age of 30 is just BS and you know it. Saying you can’t afford to eat at expensive restaurants but you like to dine out is unfortunate. I like to drive nice cars but I can’t afford a Ferrari. That doesn’t mean I’m going to go buy a Geo Metro and drive 130 mph in it. Dining out is expensive. If you can’t afford nice restaurants because you eat out all the time, try this. Eat at home more frequently and go out to a decent place where they serve decent food every once in a while. I’m 27 and I have a sedentary office job. I can easily afford to go out all the time but I choose to stay at home and cook nearly every night. Sometimes I do feel the urge to go out but I’ll usually try to order something healthy. Saying you don’t understand why you’re gaining weight when you ordered a double whopper biggie-sized with DIET COKE does not count as eating healthy. So what’s the main point here in this ramble of a post? Make healthy choices. Eat vegetables, fruit, and other natural products. You don’t need to eat a 16 ounce steak with those two burgers so you get your 300 grams of protein that you’re gonna flush out in an hour anyways. Exercise at some point for 30 minutes a day. There is no person in this country that doesn’t have 30 minutes to do heart-rate elevating exercise. If you think you don’t, post your schedule and I’ll see if I can’t carve out a couple minutes. You may have to give something up or maybe even manage your time better, but excuses are likely what you’re doing. Conclusion: eat better, eat LESS, exercise a bit, and stop blaming other people because you can’t get off your butt to improve your own life. Shy of maybe quadriplegics, everyone has the capacity to do these simple things. You just have to be stronger than your willingness to give in to the excuses.


9 years ago

Not particularly this article. But I've been reading for the "most fattening foods" they say things are healthy (chilli's, sandwiches, soups, and so on) till you put meat and cheese in it. Yet, dairy and meat are supposed to be good for us. I don't consume meat, eggs, or dairy products and it's kept me thin without starving. GO VEGAN. You'll feel amazing too btw.


9 years ago

I think Im gunna go get me and my boys a Triple Wopper with cheese, and large fries, and then go get a carmel cheesequake blizzard. -Thanks


9 years ago

Loved the pics of the little fatties at Mickey D's. Who is to blame? THE MOTHER and THE FATHER!GO ahead and eat your fill of all the fatty unhealthy foods your oversized gut can handle. It is job security for me(My DH is a Cardiologist)Just shut up about the high cost of health care ,will ya? Quit bitching about your aching joints, the pain in your chest, the inability to tie your own shoes, your bowel problems, etc. etc. etc. But the kids- that's another story. You bet your sweet bon bons if a child such as this pictured comes into the office DFS will be notified.


9 years ago

I have to agree with you Holly. Who is to blame. I think parents need to be more aware of the eating habit they are passing on to their children. Again, just because everybody else is doing it doesn't make it right. Cheers to parents that aren't hypnotized from the marketing of many American companies.


9 years ago

I don't get it. Almost everything on the menu in a fancy restaurant has more fat and cholesterol than anything at mcwhatever. There's no difference between eating cold cereal and eating whoppers, it's still pure cow fat.


9 years ago

huh? ive been eating fast food almost my hole live and am still healthy and i am not fat i weight 120.


9 years ago

I'm always looking to eat healthier, but it's getting harder and harder to find , walmart has the fruit and veggie isle and that's about it. When I do eat out I frequent subways 6 in veggie delite and it's variants that claim to have only 300 calories. True there are fat slobs who don't try at all and are lying to themselves. But there is truth in the fact that very few grocery stores have anything very nutritious. I go running all the time and eat as healthy as possible , but it seems like the best way for me to remain healthy is to excercise even more and make a 2 meals a day limit due to ridiculous calorie amounts even in some healthy foods. Works for me but more options wouldn't hurt anybody. Great awareness site :-)


9 years ago

I recommend anyone to watch the documentary film Food Inc. It was a real eye opener on the American food industry.


9 years ago

I honestly think its at least 90% about the person themself if they get far or not. Forget about whats in the food. How mnay fat people eat healthy, and diet...and stay fat? How many people eat junk food...and DONT get fat? Sure some food is "better" for you...but Im pretty sure its in the genes as far as fattness goes. Say what you want, but if you pull your head out of your ass, and look will see whats "true" and what isnt.


9 years ago

Fortunately for me, I have an exceptionally high metabolism rate, minimising the possibility of becoming obese. Due to the fact that my mother is in hospital, I have consumed four triple whoppers this week, all enlarged to King size with Coke Cola. Albeit, the physical implications may manifest themselves in numerous medical complications, perhaps Type II diabetes, high cholesterol or, if current trends continue, a heart failure. I digress, the point I am trying to put across is that the aforementioned foodstuffs only contribute to one's physical condition if they have do not possess amiable genetic characteristics.


9 years ago

For the Record Chipotle's Burrito with everything on it is 2200 Cal and 104 grams of fat. Most people eat at this place for the Burrito! I think that is Number 1 on the list


9 years ago

This article makes me wanna visit BK now :D


9 years ago

Why do all the things that taste so yummy have to be so bad for you?


9 years ago

^ They aren't so bad for you. Calories are not the enemy, eat whatever you want but stop eating when you have consumed the portion of the meal sufficient to have a healthy weight. Now to bust a myth. Every single food item I could fit into a healthy daily diet. Why? Because I am an active, medium-large adult male, and by medium-large I don't mean overweight, I mean by eating high protein value foods I maintain good muscle mass. My daily caloric intake for weight maintenance is over 3200 calories and I don't eat snacks or drink sugary beverages, nor eat much for breakfast so I need roughly 1200 calories per meal from both lunch and dinner. The main problem with these food items to me is not the calories it is lack of vitamins and minerals, too much use of refined white flour, and use of the fat and salt for taste instead of using spices for flavoring. Fast food is pretty bland once you get past salt, sugar, and grease content.

Mr. Cheap Stuff

9 years ago

Great comment, I wish more people would understand that not all calories are created equal.

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