Free Air Freshener Sample

the great outdoor smell Get a free air freshener for you car or home.  Does you car still smell like your last run to the fast food place?  Or maybe you smoke.  In any case, get your car smelling fresh and looking funky with a free car air freshener.  The freshener is made of wood and looks like a flaming skull.

You can never have enough air freshener, something or somewhere in the house will smell funky.  Now all you need is a muscle car and tattoos – or maybe not.  But your car will look and smell cool.

Mark writes:

I gotta look cool when driving down the street.  With this flaming skull, I will look cool and maybe mean because it’s a skull.  I hope i don’t attract the wrong kind of people.


Expiration Date: unknown


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emma horne

8 years ago

can you send me free car freasner

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