This site is dedicated to providing you with only the coupons, deals, tips and freebies worth your precious time. “Just the Good Stuff” as I like to say. You can read more about Mr. Cheap Stuff here. My Mission at is to accomplish 3 valuable objectives for you.

  1. Save you Time – By providing you with time saving tips and hacks so you can enjoy more free time to do the important things in life.
  2. Save you Money – Get the free stuff, coupons and the best deals on products.
  3. Save you Stress – To make shopping brainless, check out the buyer’s guides and gift guides for stress-free shopping.

In other words let Mr. Cheap Stuff do all the work while you spend your time, money and energy more important things. is your destination for all the best time saving times and hacks, shopping deals, coupons, free stuff and product reviews.

What readers have to say

“I absolutely love your web site!!! I was getting ready to buy a bracelet from and luckily RIGHT  BEFORE I bought it, I signed up for your newsletter.  I found a link there that gave me 20% off my order!  Within the first five minutes of signing up for your newsletter I saved $90.  How awesome is that!!!!!”

-Jennifer Strickland

“Just want to say thanks.  I recently saved $10 off my digital camera from your promotion code page.  Love the site!”

-Holly Wilson

“Thank you for the coupon, I used it to save $10 off my Alli order.  Keep up the good work.”

-Stanley Smith


Who the Heck is Mr. Cheap Stuff Anyway?

Hi, my name is Dean and I currently live in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I do online marketing (search engine optimization, online search marketing, virtual real estate). When I’m not on my computer some of the things I enjoy doing are going to the beach, reading an enlightening book, listening to audio books at 2x speed and watching the History Channel or Discovery Channel. Unfortunately the last part is true, yikes!

I love to learn.  Currently I am learning to speak Japanese.   I also love to travel as I consider it investment in myself as it allows me to learn so much about the world and myself.  I also play many musical instruments including the air violin, air guitar, air ukulele and even the air drums when I’m driving 😛  I  love to “mastermind” with other individuals that share similar passions (Synergy).

Believe it or not I don’t like shopping, but I do like finding a good deal and saving time.  If I am able to make your life a teeny weeny bit better by saving you some time, money or stress then that is my simple reward.

I also did an interview at the popular website which you can read here.

Question or Comment, contact me here. And yes, I do actually reply.

Awards and Distinctions

Online Marketing, Online Search Marketing, Search Engine Optimization 2005 and 2006 Linkshare Titanium Award Finalist.

Linkshare Platnium Publisher
CJ Performer

Press Releases. Coming Soon.

Want to become a contributor?  Please contact me today.

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