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| June 13, 2007 | 69 Comments

If you haven’t already heard of the Alli diet pill then you soon will. Alli is the first FDA approved over-the-counter diet pill. This week will start shipping pre-orders of this all ready top selling product. Currently has the best price online, plus they have their $10 off coupon along with free shipping available.

Alli Diet Pill
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So how does Alli work?

According to publications the Alli diet pill is suppose to help people lose 50% more weight then dieting alone. So if you were to lose 20 pounds you would 30 pounds with Alli. It works by blocking about 25% of the fat in food when consumed three times a day with meals. Sounds pretty amazing, I mean 25% of the fat can really add up. I guess we are one step closer to to the “diet in a pill”. As always there are side effects and people with certain medical conditions may not be able to take this diet pill.

Alli fat blocker no doubt will become one of the most popular non prescription drugs. Some people are also misspelling alli like this “ali diet pill”. I wonder how they came up with the name for the drug. If you have anything to share about the alli weight loss pill or your own personal alli weight loss please feel free to leave a comment. Also if you would like to leave an alli review please do so., inc.

Alli Diet Pill

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See below for more questions and comments on the Alli diet pill.

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  1. Catie says:

    although this sounds like a miracle pill, it’s really pretty rough. i had a prescription to it when it was available under the name “xenical” and let me tell you…you can eat what you want, but that fat’s gotta come out some way or another. it’s really gross. potential users: be prepared for accidents!

  2. Dean says:

    May I ask you if it worked? Sounds like loosing weight with this pill has some drawbacks.

  3. Catie says:

    Well, it definitely absorbs the fat, so my body was digesting less of it. I must admit that I did not necessarily diet, nor did I exercise while I was on a combination of Xenical and a generic form of Fastin– a type of hunger-blocker. I did lose weight, but not much, although I’m sure I would have been more successful had I gone the traditional route. My personal view of Xenical– now Alli– is that while the idea is absolutely awesome, the side effects really aren’t worth it. Even the slightest amount of fat from food will be absorbed, and any user will be paying the price later.

  4. Catie says:

    How much does Alli usually cost, by the way? When I had a prescription to Xenical, my insurance company wouldn’t cover it, so the price of 45 pills was close to 80 bucks.

  5. Dean says:

    For 60 pills of Alli you will probably pay around $50. Thanks for the information about Alli, if anyone else has tried it please share.

  6. allison says:

    I have been on the alli diet for a month now. I have now lost 12lbs. I have not been to the gym I wish I had more time but that is life. Long as you follow the directions and stay within your target fat grams and calories you do not have the side effects. I have never had any embarrising treatment effects. Just follow the plan you will start seeing results.

  7. marty says:

    I also tried Xenical a few years ago. Frankly, unless you want to wear adult diapers, it’s not worth the hassle. Also, keep in mind that if you eat the way they tell you to eat while on Alli to avoid the “runs”, you’ll be eating so properly that you won’t need Alli! But at least it’s a lot less expensive than Xenical was; so now, one can have accidents more cheaply. During the couple of months I tried it, it did not seem to help me lose weight any more than a good diet did.

  8. Marissa says:

    The only reason you get the side-effects is when you eat too much fat. The good thing about this drug is that it makes you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let’s face it, the only healthy way to lose weight is to diet and exercise, not by just taking diet pills. You have to exercise and eat healthy if you want to live a long and healthy life. Our society is too fascinated with the get thin quick methods, which is why we have such an obesity problem…THEY DON’T WORK!

  9. Leesa says:

    Can you tell me the directions to this? one pill every meal? Do you take it after or before your meal?

  10. Dean says:

    You can read more about it by visiting the website or even’s Alli section.

  11. Sheliah says:

    I have been on Alli for about 8 weeks and I have lost 45 pounds. It is the best thing that I have ever tried to lose weight. I take the pill when I eat. I try to eat the fat grams that they say to eat, but sometimes I don’t. Sure you will have the (oily butt), but the weight comes off. I have never had an accident. You have plenty of warning when you need to go to the bathroom.

  12. melody says:

    to sheliah not to prod but how much was your starting weight and did you follow the low cal and low fat strictly? anyone can answer if they have had similiar dramatic weight loss in this amount of time using alli

  13. Momofboys says:

    I have lost 15lbs in 3 weeks following Weight Watchers and using Alli and exercising. I have had no treatment affects other then gas.

  14. janice says:

    i take medication for my thyroid can i take alli?

  15. Laurie says:

    I’ve been on Alli for about 3 months and have lost 24-28 lbs. My doctor is very happy with the results. I have had a few side effects but it was my own fault. Too much fat…I played…I paid. I don’t eat everything I should nor do I workout.

  16. JamieC. says:

    I am interested in trying Alli for the first time however I am really fearful of the side effects. I was told that if you stick to the diet plan they recommend then all is well. Is there any truth to this???

  17. Tena Patterson says:

    I am trying to get a printable coupon for Alli Diet Pill but I can not get it to print off. Can you help me or e-mail me one?

  18. KATHY SWISTAK says:

    I am trying to get a printable $10 coupon for Alli Diet Pills, but I can not get it to print. My computer keep telling me it is a security risk and even though I press “allow it”, it throws me back to Alli’s homepage. I have Windows Vista and it just does not work with Alli’s website. Can you help me or e-mail me one?

  19. Dean says:

    You must disable your antivirus software, it seem to be preventing you to print out the coupon. Also you can use the $10 coupon above which also gives you free shipping. It is probably a lot easier to use.

  20. claudia says:

    I have been using alli now for about a month and a half on a random basis. I wanted to see how my digestive system would react to it. I have been very satisfied how my system has reacted to alli. I have lost five pounds to date since I started taking it. My digestive system is better now that before I did start taking the alli. My body must not break down the fats very well and that would cause severe constipation pain. With the alli product, I am coming out ahead in two different ways. I am losing weight gradually and I have managed to digest food better now than I have in the past. I don’t know if anyone else has had this same result but for me, I am very satisfied.

  21. Suzette Hill says:

    Hi, I am thinking about using Alli; however, I am skeptical because of all the negative reviews. There are more negative views then positive ones. My problem area is my stomach, and I am just about ready to take on a little discomfort, if it means getting rid of my big belly!! My main concern is taking this pill as a diabetic. Once my doctor gives me the go-head, I think I will try it.

  22. hina says:

    I have been using Alli for 3 months. I have lost a total of 13 pounds, but I do not count calories and such. I cook 3 times a day (a stay at home Mom) and I just stay away from the obvious fat foods such as icecream, chocolates and such. I did have accidents from the start, but minor ones. I do go to the gym 2-3 times a week and the pills work A LOT better when it’s on a gym day. I was disappointed that I was only able to lose the small amount of weight, but I lost inches. I have gone down nearly 2 dress sizes. As of this moment, I am looking for a printable coupon so I can buy my refill pack of Alli. I feel better knowing something is there to help me along with my weight loss than by diet and exercise alone.

  23. cheri says:

    To really clean out the colon, I recommend Alli and an herbal colon cleanser. The herbs will absorb the oily discharge and will get all the gunk out of your colon.

  24. Devona says:

    Well….I have been usig Alli for sometime now and I dont ever see my life without it. The first time I took xylacal along with the precose (sugar blocker) I lost 26 pounds and went from a 10 to a size 6. Personally, I dont mind the “oily Butt”. That is an easy fix, losing the weight is the hardest thing for me, but Alli keeps me focused and I know that when I eat something “naughty” that it will pass, literally. So, who cares. The pounds come off, Im not constipated any more, and I love it.

  25. Donovan says:

    has anybody on this comment list taken alli along with high blood pressure medication and if so, were there any effects?

  26. Theresa says:

    what exactly do you mean by “oily butt”?

  27. Nancie says:

    I have been taking Alli since the beginning of May and have lost 20 lbs. It would have been more but for a week long vacation at all-inclucsive in Mexico, weddings and other “food functions” that I have attended.
    I LOVE the results!! I plan to continue until I lose another 20 lbs.

  28. ann says:

    Allil is the best diet pills I have tried!
    the weight comes off very good the only problem is eating the wrong food . but hey I can deal with that, I have told everyone I know to give it try and they will love it.

  29. Brandy Nicholas says:

    I too want to try alli but I am a little nervous, I work out and I am on a low calorie diet. I have not lost that much weight and I am a little dicourage so I thought about trying this pill but after reading some comments I don’t know that I want a oily butt or to have issue with going to the bathroom. I am a college student and I have three children so this may not be best for me, has anyone tried anything elese without side effects.

  30. ceci says:

    I have use alli…and you have to realy follow a healthy diet its not a miracle pill you have to be strict….don’t be fool to think you can eat whatever you desire like fast food and greasy foods its not going to work for you I suggest when you eat out choose healthy items. You’ll see better results and see less oily bowel movements. Overall alli does work but you have to put some effort on your part to see the best results. Good luck to all

  31. Robin Micelle says:

    I have used alli for one month now. I have not lost any weight, but I have lost a lot of inches. I am working out so I guess it is all the mussel that I have now. I have never had the oily butt!! I used to not go to the bathroom every day, and now I do. So I guess it has just helped me a ton. I did take Alli when it was a perscription, and I had oily butt that time. I don’t think these are as strong, and I have a lot more weight to loose then when I took it 10 years ago.

    I Love it!!!

  32. Dina Green says:

    Do not take this product, I could not control my bowels while on this product. I litteraly had to go to the store and purchase adult diapers because it got soo bad and embarrassing. Buy green tea pills if you want to loose weight, unless you want to wear diapers. Diapers aren’t exactly my idea of fun though.:(

  33. Kelley says:

    I am a registered nurse and I have been taking alli for 6 weeks. I have not changed my dieting habits at all but I am still losing an average of 2 pounds a week.
    I don’t follow the directions, I just take 1 capsule with lunch and 2 with dinner. If I have an especially high fat meal, I take 2 capsules (prescription strength) regardless of the time (breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack).
    I have noticed that my bowel movements have increased but I have not been incontinent.
    All medications, prescription or not, affect each individual differently. Because of the nature of this product the more fat you ingest, the more will be expelled, which increases the chance of an accident. My advice would be to try alli when you are in the comfort of your own home. After a few times of use you will know how it affects YOU. Good Luck!

  34. me says:

    my friend just told me about alli and i want to take it but i am kind of nervous, so far i have read some good comments and bad ones also… she has been taking it since march of 08 and she has lost 60 lbs but she also works out, but i think i might give it a try i just had a baby boy 6 months ago and i am in the gym and only see little results and now i am frustrated. my only question is how long after you stop taking the pill will the side affects go way also when you stop taking it has anyone gained the weight back? Help fatgurl….

  35. Nana says:

    My grown daughter and I started a diet together 7/9/2008, she’s 33 I’m 58. We have lost over 65 pounds each. We call it the lazy ladies diet our way, lol. We didn’t do anything in the beginning as far as exercise goes. My starting weight was 284 lbs and I’m 5’4″ ya bowling ball! Anyway we began walking in late July my goal was to walk by the next 2 houses,I made it! Then increased it to the stop sign, did it! around the block 2.38 miles. I was dieing…..but so was the fat. My daughter dragged me some of the way does that count? We walked at night when it was cooler, sometime I wish I had a cell phone so I could call a taxi! But we made it. We increased our walking to 3 times a week. Now you want to know what we ate. Tons of fresh fruits and veggies except potatoes, 4-5 servings a day, 8 glasses of water, absolutely NO salt added to anything. Breakfast was usually egg beaters and 100 cal english muffin, coffee with skim milk.
    Lunch grilled chicken salad with honey mustard dressing and pineapple chunks. Afternoon around 2pm protein drink they sell in Walmart Body Fortress Whey Protein. Wow I thought napping at 3pm was a way of life. Supper was usually grilled outside, chicken or fish.
    In 5 months we lost over 60 lbs. We now were regular size clothes no more $2.00 extra at walmart for fat size. yipee! Everyone can do this you just have to really want it and be dedicated. We got bikes for the family for Christmas it’s so much fun not like walking. Our first trip we went over 10 miles round trip.
    Our goal is to be done by Mother’s Day 2009!
    One last clue don’t get weighed so often we get weighed at Publix’s (grocery store)every 6 weeks.
    We just started taking Alli. I can’t get the coupon to print either like a lot of you it says I reached my limit umm what 0. But Walmart has double packs of Alli right now 12/30/2008 for sale two 90 packs bundled together for $59.00. Remember what I’ve learned, lots of protein, 8 glasses of water, and keep moving!
    Good Luck to all and Happy Thin New Year.

  36. indyp says:

    Printing the coupon is a SCAM! I tried to print the coupon only once and received the “limit had been reached” error. So, I sent an email to the email address provided and it COULD NOT BE DELIVERED! This is a scam to get your email address so it can be spammed! If you want to try Alli, it’s not worth trying to get the coupon since all you’ll get is spammed.

    But, I have tried Alli and not had any bad side effects. The worst I’ve had (if you would even call it that) is an oily stool, which seems to indicate it’s working by reducing the fat that is absorbed.

  37. aly says:

    I went to my doctor today and I asked her if you can take alli if you are on thyroid medication and she said she highly recommends it as long as you follow the plan and exercise she said is the key to losing the weight. She also said to do alli for 3 months stop then do another 3 months and so on.

    She told me any other over the counter pills for weight loss increase metabolism but will also hurt thyroid but she said alli is fine. Glad I asked my doctor

  38. Lou says:

    True that printing a coupon is a joke. Just answer a few questions….. yea, and give them all of your information. I tried several times to get it to print and nothing! Finally, it said “reached printable coupon limit”. Amazing, they were able to send me email after email… finally I had to “cancel” this request. Good luck finding a coupon. If anyone does, please let the rest of us know!

  39. bryan says:

    I am going to loose weight. I am very interested in seeing how alli will work. I have gained a lot of weight. I weigh around 230 and I am 6’2. I personally think if you want to loose weight get off your but and run. Quit eating dunk food. Don’t sit on the couch and watch tv when you could run. Don’t eat chips when you could eat a salad. (No Dressing)

  40. LISA says:


  41. Maryann Moore says:

    I have been taking Alli for almost 2 years. Is it safe to keep taking Alli?

  42. silvia says:

    I am 165 pounds but i want to lose at least 25 pounds by May with taking alli is that possible and do i have to exercise alot?

  43. Marilyn says:

    I am very interested in taking alli, but I really hate chicke, eggs and am not that big of a meat or bread, cereal eater. Besides vegetables what else can you eat? Is it good to drink green tea with it?

  44. regina says:

    I have used Xenical since 2000 and now Alli. At one time I did diet now I just eat anything I want and maintain my normal weight. I will be on this medication for life it makes me more regular where I was chronically constipated before. Taking it I am much more acutely aware of the greasy and fried foods and eat them in moderation. I don’t care about eliminating grease in the stool it is just thrilling to know I am not wearing it on my stomach thighs and hips. Face it you get older the metabolism slows down and you get less active. So what happens with the perimenopausal woman midlife spread. It is bad enough to face the aging, loss of shape is a double whammy.

  45. blaise says:

    okay how do i take this pill? many times a day do i take alli?

    2.will the 60 count be enough for me to drop off a few pounds?

    3.will i gain the weight back after i quite taking the pills?

    4. what times during the day is best to take the pill?

    **please help!

  46. Bridget says:

    I’m very interested in Alli, all I would like to know is if it will affect my blood pressure,
    mine’s borderline. It sounds like the only thing it affect’s is your bowel’s. LOL That I could handle! LOL Could somebody let me know? Thanks!

  47. Jen says:

    I lost the 10 pounds, that I was looking to lose, in a month with Alli. So, it took me 90 pills at 3 pills a day. I had minimal side effects, and NO serious side effects, such as accidents. After I stopped taking Alli I gained the 10 pounds back over 8-10 months. I think this is because I didn’t stick to the same healthy eating habits as I did when I was taking it. I am getting ready to start it again. It helps me to have the fear of side effects…it keeps me on track with healthy eating. To my knowledge, there is no risk involved with taking Alli for long periods of time. Good Luck!

  48. Warren says:

    Alli works. I agree with Jen’s comment…you have to stick to the plan. Those who take it without following the low fat plan will certainly have the “accident”. It is not a miracle pill.

    Making healthy low fat choices is the first step to losing weight. Eat the cheeseburger – expect the accident and see no weight difference. Eat a salad and you will be fine AND you will lose weight.

    It’s a life style adjustment with the help of the pill. If you are not going to give up the high fat eating habits it won’t help you.

  49. Warren says:


    1. Take one with every meal – preferably a healthy low fat meal. This means pizza, hamburgers, fries, etc… are OUT and broccoli, low fat ice cream, yoguart, fruit etc…are in.

    Poach egg instead of fried
    Baked chicken instead of fried
    Lean cuts of meat instead of fatty meats
    Low fat cheese instead of regular cheese

    Get the picture?

    2. 60 should be enough to lose “a couple (as in 2) of pounds” if you stick to low fat and do a bit of exercising

    3. You will not put on the pounds over night if that is what you are asking. BUT if you go back to bad eating habits it is an absolute guarantee that the weight will come back on.

    4. I believe the directs are to take it before every meal, assuming you have 3 meals a day.

    I took it and it works. Low fat, healthy meals chocked full of fruits, fiber and veggie. Cardio 3 days a week…its the basis for every weight loss plan!

  50. cayla says:

    I am interested in alli. I actually just got married about 7 months ago! Sad to say but Ive put on about 15 pounds and lost about 5 but want to lose the other 10. I workout, eat right and im at a stopping point. Do yall recommend me to try alli?

  51. Gladys Bazar says:

    I am a woman of 50 plus and am a diabetic. Have try other diet weight programs that did not work. I need to loss 80 pounds.I do not do workout and use food as a comfort.

  52. Cathi says:

    I have been on the pill for only 20 days and have lost 12 pounds. The reason is I am following what the book says. Eat no more than 15 grams of fat per meal and get at least 20 minutes of exercise. I have not had one problem. I have 30 pounds to lose (I lost 80 on my own and am stuck). If you continue to eat the crap junk foods you will not ever be the weight you hope to be. This pill forces you to eat properly or punishes you if you dont. It taht simple-eat well be rewarded-eat like crap stay fat.

  53. Martha says:

    I call the Alli diet the best since peanut butter. I need to loose 15 lbs to get to my regular weight and fat in my body. If you are interested go to alli plan and read reviews the stories regarding the plan are great and shall help you out. I am average 2 lbs a week and eat better now than ever. Prices vary so check them out for 120 pills. Hope this helps you. Some side effects but alli explains they go away.

  54. Martha says:

    CHECK with your doctor first. Have read articles it is ok but you must see your Dr. But the pland does work. Let me know if you started it??

  55. Rita says:

    Can I take this with a thyroid condition?

  56. Carol says:

    I am taking Alli and I am having no problems with side effects other than a little gas. I am basically eating Weight Watchers type of meals with lots of veggies and low fat. This medicine is basically Orlistat. My doctor wrote me a prescription for it last year and the cost for ONE month was over $180 so I decided not to get it filled. The doctor told me that I could buy Alli at the drug store but to keep in mind that it is HALF the full prescription strength. I spent $49.99 for Alli this past week and got an instant coupon at Walgreen’s for $10 off on the spot. I highly recommend it since it teaches you to cut out or cut back on the fats which are high in calories to begin with. I bike about 7-10 miles several times a week and do aerobics at least 3 times a week. I think it is a great product and I plan to continue taking it. I am down 40 pounds….with about 40 more to go. Good luck to all of you.

  57. Jenny Cee says:

    I have been trying to lose weight for well, since the age of 12, I’m now 30. At one point I had lost 70 pounds on weight watchers (it took about 10 months), and then still remaining completely on plan, I started gaining weight quickly, there were weeks I would gain 10 pounds. I decided to try Jenny Craig – eating strictly their yucky food and veggies I gained 20 pounds in two months. There is apparently nothing wrong with me medically (no thyroid, diabetes or anything else of that nature). I was on Meridia for a little and did lose 20 pounds in two months, but couldn’t afford the pills anymore and was so wired all the time I barely slept. I have went back and forth to Alli over the last year, and have always lost weight, but being in Canada means I have to make trips to the US to purchase Alli and honestly can’t always make those trips. But for the last two months I have been using Alli faithfully (am going to the US tomorrow to buy more) and I am down 21 pounds. I do have IBS, so I have never been able tell how much of my stomach issues are side effect of the pill or IBS. But my main advice to someone just starting out would be try it over a weekend or when you are off work, so you can be home to discouver how your body will react.

  58. baffbaff says:

    Alli is safe and effective (but not cheap!) You really MUST lower the amount of fatty food you eat or you WILL experience accidents. Add exercise to your program, and you will see the weight come off. You cannot eat at McDonalds three times a day, lie on the couch, take Alli, and expect to lose weight–YOU have to make some changes! I experienced a slight accident the first time I tried it, but have had no issues thereafter. But understand I also don’t eat high-fat meals anymore. I have lost over 20 pounds so far and plan to continue with Alli. If they ever pull it off the market you will find me on a streetcorner probably, jonesing for a bottle LOL

  59. Tom Sers says:

    The Dr Max Powers Anabolic Stack is the most effective product ive tried, I used1 stack pack (pack of pills) per day for exactly 4 weeks.

    For the first week nothing really different happened to me just felt jittery during the day but then week two rolled around and that was when things started to be noticed. So here I am at the end of the cycle, last pills were taken yesterday and im about 14lbs heavier and alot stronger.

    I recommend this to anyone wanting a bit of a jolt with stuborn plateus. Ofcourse its not a miracle pill, you have to go hard when at the gym, get good recovery time and eat sensibly.

    I plan on doing another cycle in a month or so. Unlike other pro-hormones, and testosterone boosters, that make you feel you’re just swallowing thin air packaged in plastic, this stuff actually works, from power to lift to mind aggression it works.

  60. jamie pol says:

    I love it. I started a few weeks ago and have lost 10 pounds. The only troubles I have had was when I ate too much bacon, I had a small leak but nothing my panty liner did not stop. I have only exercised once(walked 2 miles) and have watched what I ate during the morning and afternoon but had hardy meals for dinner with a daily treat.

  61. Blanca says:

    Hi I want to know if Alli will be ok for me to take I take thyroid medication and also take high blood pressure medicine and have being on a diet always specially doing the south beach diet it works but to slow I eat healthy everyday and I will like to know if is ok to take alli for me please let me know if anyone has this two problems

  62. michelle says:

    the alli pill is only HALF the amount of the ingredient orlistat that was in the previous “xenical” medication, which you’ve heard all those bad stories about having accidents. alli contains only HALF the orlistat so is not as strong. the only time you’d have an accident is if you ate something really really bad that you have no business eating if you want to lose weight in the 1st place! i have lost over 20 lbs. and plan on staying w/it. it’s not difficult to limit your 3 meals per day to 15 g of fat, no problem, and as long as you do that (or only go slightly over that) you have nothing to worry about.

  63. Michelle says:

    For the first week I had the irregular bowel movements but when I changed how I ate it stopped. Then by week 3 I really saw a difference! I am now on week 5 and I am down 12 lbs. I try to run every morning and I watch my carb intake!

  64. jennifer says:

    i heard that you can die by takin diet pills…is this true?? i really wanna try alli i just want to lose about 10-15 pounds… can sumbody help…!!! plz

  65. Tasha (21lbs to go) says:

    Ok i just had a baby a year ago and i put on few pounds (20lbs). I never took diet pills before because i always been happy with my weight and my appearance. Anywho i been taking alli for almost 2 weeks and i must say i’m happy with the results thus far. I’m 5’7 and weighed 192lbs and as of today i’m 186lbs, so 6lbs in almost 2wks is pretty good. I don’t exercise,unless walking around the mall is considered exercising and i have cut back on the way i use to eat but i still like to have a lil fast food every now and than. But it’s true if you don’t eat right you will have greasy stool and very bad gas which will cause a greasy booty…lol

  66. Danithomas says:

    Momofboys: YES! I have been on Alli for almost a month but I too have been following the Weight Watchers diet plan and working out 3 to 5 times a week. Now when I do go over my WW points I’m just asking for the “greasy booty” lol (Funny term) but I feel great!

  67. Danithomas says:

    @Jennifer: When I told my doctor that i was taking Alli she just suggested that I followed the directions and to always take a Multi-Vitamine (Like Alli suggested) to maintain nutrients and I do. But its very important to check with your doctor on any medicine that you take.

  68. menersa says:

    Awesome post. All the given information is so informative for us. I really appreciated from your information.
    I will bookmark it,and sharing it with my friends.Thanks.

  69. mmomhubb says:

    Ok, I have started Alli 9 days ago.I was a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and I backslid. So now I have to loose the weight in order to maintain the lifetime status. I have not lost one single pound. It is so frustrating to me..I walk 4 miles a day so exercise is not my issue. I am coming to the belief that I don’t eat enough and my body has gone into preserve mode. I have not given up hope and today I have decided to make a note of all that I eat to make sure that I am getting the daily 1500 Calories that I need…….wish me luck

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