Unique McDonalds Food Items in Hawaii

| August 3, 2007 | 28 Comments

I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and love it here for many reasons.  First off the weather is perfect (I can’t remember the last time I wore a jacket).  The people here are laid back, warm and friendly.  Another reason is the delicious and unique food.  Hawaii is one of the most ethnically diverse places in the world so it is no surprise we have special food items even at McDonalds.

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Here are some unique food items you probably won’t find at your local McDonalds

McDonalds Saimen Photo Credit

McDonalds Saimin – Many people probably never heard of “saimin” that’s because as far as I know it is a Hawaii term.  Saimen is just like Ramen noodles.  This is great if you want to take a break from eating burgers.  It is also popular if you want to put something in your stomach after a night of drinking alcohol.

There is an interesting story that Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds actually came down to Hawaii and ate saimin with a local franchisee.  He was then convinced to approved the first ethnic food to any McDonalds menu, saimin.

McDonalds Breakfast Photo Credit

McDonalds Spam, Portuguese, Omelete and Rice

This breakfast meal can be found at any Hawaii McDonalds.  As you know Hawaii loves Spam and Portugese sausage.  Again, this is great if your looking for a break from those breakfast burgers.

McDonalds Taro Pie  Photo Credit

McDonalds Taro Pie

This is not your American Apple pie.  Taro is popular in Hawaii because it is used to make “poi“.  The best description I can think of is taro tastes like sweet potato although not as sweet.  They don’t always have this available at McDonalds and I believe they serve taro pies in other countries in Asia.

Next time your in Hawaii I recommend tickling your taste buds and trying something different.  So what unique items does your franchise restaurants carry?  Quick plug, if your looking for reviews or places to eat in Hawaii you can check one of my other sites Hawaii Restaurant Guru, which is in development.

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Added 8/7/07, I got responses from some local people in Hawaii and they told me I forgot to include a couple of other unique items McDonald’s Hawaii sells.  Those two items are the McTeri burger and fruit punch drink.  Although, the McTeri is not always on the menu.

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  1. Connie Bryant says:

    Hi! I thought this was interesting. Thank you for letting the rest of the United States know about the food. The article on the best value for fast food meals was really helpful as well. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. If you’re interested in the cheapest food in hawaii you should check out Cheap Places to Eat in Oahu Hawaii

  3. Evelyn says:

    The spam, Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice is a deal for sure! The more I watch prices climb, the better McDonalds looks for the pocket book! :)

  4. Sheila says:

    Aloha! Nice article! I’ve tried the taro pie at the Polynesian-like McDonalds in Laie. That’s a very neat McDonalds by the way. I enjoyed the taro pie!

  5. Tim says:

    Can you tell me how I can get some of the McDonalds taro pies shipped to Cincinnati, Ohio. We loved them and as you know we can’t fly to Hawaii just to enjoy them.

  6. Dean says:

    Hey Tim, as far as I know it is only in Hawaii. I also heard it is in some Asian countries.

    I guess you will have to come to Hawaii for them.

  7. Beth says:

    Hey Tim,
    Don’t forget the ono banana pies they sometimes offer here in Hawaii, and also haupia flavor! My kids love the banana pies (they remind them of banana lumpia.) Whenever McDonald’s is offering these, we get them for breakfast on the way to soccer games on Saturday mornings. I wonder though, when will McDonald’s start making a Spam McSubi???

  8. Dean says:

    I never had those banana pies, I will have to try them someday. I don’t go to McDonalds often but a couple of weeks ago I tried out the McCafe dessert and iced coffee. It was kind of sweet, but a cheaper than Starbucks.

    Spam musubi, interesting. McMusubi?

  9. J says:

    what brand of portuguese sausage does hawaii mcdonalds use?

  10. Dean says:

    That is a very good question, I don’t know although I’m sure you could ask next time your go to McDonalds in Hawaii.

  11. Dell says:

    Whatever happened to the McTeri? That was one of my highschool favorites back in 1999.

  12. Vanessa says:

    I was in Hawaii last week and they had McTeri burgers.

  13. Waikiki Junkie says:

    Hey! I just had the McTeri burger in November 2008. It is my absolute favorite. So, so good. I wasn’t brave enough to try the Taro pie though. And what about Fruit Punch? Im from Canada, and thats not every avaliable in any fast food joint. Is that a Hawaiian exclusive?

  14. Dean says:

    When I visited Japan I also saw a McTeri burger in McDonalds. Also I read that the taro pie is also available in some other asian countries.

  15. Shannon says:

    What flavor is the iced tea that is served at the McDonalds in Oahu?

  16. Joe says:

    i enjoy everything the the McDonald’s McCafe coffees except the goofy name

  17. nathan says:

    great write-up on the loco moco! don’t forget about Zippy’s version, the Chili Moco. instead of gravy, they smother it all with their famous chili. OH! SO ONO!

  18. junebugg says:

    They serve Hawaiian Islands Passion Fruit Na Pali iced tea (yum!) and Royal Kona coffee. They used to have plate lunches, but don’t think that was too popular.

  19. Adrian says:

    Great article — as someone who lived on McDonald’s plate lunches when I first arrived in Hawai’i, I can tell you they’re not bad!

    Don’t forget another drink in Hawai’i: the Mango Tropical. Kind of like McDonald’s orange soda with a tropical twist…Maybe that’s what people mean above by the “fruit punch”?

    Alas, we just moved back to the Mainland after 8-1/2 years on O’ahu. No mango tropical here! :(

    If you’re ever in Japan, check out their McD’s as well — lots of onolicious items, like karaage, a spicy chicken katsu sandwich, corn as an alternate for fries in the Happy Meals, etc. Great toys, too — in two weeks there my son got a whole set of Pokemon bath toys!!

  20. m/t says:

    response to what brand portuguese sausage McD’s uses in Hawaii, it’s Pacific. It’s made exclusively for McD’s

  21. Anna says:

    dont for get the haupia pie :)

  22. Brad says:

    I am coming from Okinawa, Japan to Oahu, Hawaii and was wondering if they had Chicken shaka shakas available

  23. Dean says:

    Sorry, in Hawaii we don’t have Chicken Shaka Shaka at McDonalds.

  24. Hawaii FIve-0 blog says:

    Great pics! no one on the mainland believes me about spam for breakfast!

  25. Alex says:

    The fruit punch we drink at McDonalds in Hawaii is Fanta Fruit Punch. A true nectar of the gods.

  26. steve says:

    Lived there for 10 years……Best thing is to dunk a cheeseburger in the saimin then eat the noodles at the same time! Yes! miss it, but can do the same at home with ramen noodles..

  27. Lee says:

    The fruit punch at Hawaii McDonald’s is exclusive to them. Much like the Portuguese sausage. I can’t remember the name of the brand. My dad used to deliver for those guys so sometimes we would get some of the syrup at home

  28. Beth says:

    Some of the McDonalds in Waikiki on Oahu also serve pineapples instead of fries with their value meals.

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