Mr. Cheap Stuff’s Guide To Cool Your House for Cheap

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house sitting on stack of moneyIt is no secret that we all need to find ways to save a little money when we can. There are certain costs that are definitely a drain on our budget, and most of them are necessities.

One of these things would be the cost of heating and cooling. Cooling in the summer can be extremely expensive, especially if you live in an area that reaches high heats. If you are looking for ways to save on your electric bill each month, one thing that you can do is look for methods to cool your home for cheap.

Here are six things you can do. You will be surprised at how much you can save if you make these changes.  Also see our top 10 money saving gadgets you should own to help you save even more.

ceiling fan turned off

1. Make Use of Ceiling Fans.

These fans use a fraction of the energy that a central heat and air unit would use. If you turn on ceiling fans in all of the main rooms of your house, they can make a big difference in the temperature and comfort of the home, and they will save a great deal of money.

Quick Tip: During the summer months, run your ceiling fan in a counter-clockwise direction. This will help circulate the cool air with a circulatory breeze. If the temperature outside is cooler than inside, open up a few windows so the warmer air inside can be pushed outside.  More tips on how to go green and save money.

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looking out an open window

2. Open the Windows.

Sometimes, the air outside will actually be more cool than inside the home thanks to the sun warming your house. If there is a breeze blowing outside, try opening the windows to get circulation in the home.  This is a cheap and effective way to cool your house.  Learn more on going green the cheap way.

You want to close your windows when the outside is hotter and open the windows when the outside is cooler. In many locations this means closing the windows during the day and opening them at night.  A factor to consider is humidity. A lot of times it could be cooler outside than inside but if there’s a high level of humidity, then opening the window would not be ideal.

woman closing blinds and curtains

3.  Close the Blinds or Curtains.

A great deal of heat in your home comes from the rays of the sun. Your home could heat up pretty quickly if you have a lot of windows around your home. If you cut out the sun that could come through the windows, you can save a great deal of the cool air inside.

Quick Tip: Look for insulating curtains, they might be a little more expensive than regular curtains but they will provide another layer of insulation. Install them in your bedroom and it essentially blocks out the light, letting you get better rest while keeping the room cooler.

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view of attic fan from the back

4. Choose an attic fan.

A great deal of heat can come from the attic because it traps hot air. During the summer, a poorly ventilated home’s attic could reach temperatures up to 150 degrees F. Depending on the insulation of the home, heat could be transmitted through the ceiling and walls. An attic fan will draw that hot air out of the space and cool your home overall.

To save even more money look for a solar powered attic fan.  You may even qualify for tax credits/rebates on certain products.

please close the door sign

5. Close doors and vents in unused rooms.

You can make your air conditioner work less if you do not cool rooms you do not use. If you have extra bedrooms, you can close them off to not cool them. The closed doors act as a barrier and stops the air from circulating in unwanted areas of the house, reducing heat loss. Sounds simple but this is really effective in minimizing your air conditioning costs.

You can even go as far as insulate the doors in your house.  One of the ways to do this is to seal your doors and make them air tight.  You can even add a door insulation guards to prevent air leaks on the bottom of your doors.

washer and dryer set

6. Do all of your laundry at night.

The dryer can heat up your house in a hurry. If you wait to do laundry or dry anything until the sun has gone down, you can avoid a great deal of excess heat and your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to cool the house. Some electric companies charge a different rate for peak hours and non-peak hours. Doing your laundry at night can also help lower the electric bill.

There are many ways that you can keep your home cool and lower your electricity bill. If you take these tips to heart, you can find that you can save money and stay comfortable too.

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  1. In many cities electricity is cheaper at night so washing and drying clothes at night would be cost effective anyway. I also believe that many new washers and dyers have timers so you can do this fairly easily.

    Getting good insulating drapes or curtains make quite a big difference. Since I installed insulating curtains one of my rooms has dropped to about 83 degrees in the middle of the day. When I didn’t have any curtains it would rise to about 95 degrees. Keep in mind this room was facing the sun and was floor to ceiling glass.

    For even more savings when using your air conditioner I recommend using a circulating fan like a Vornado fan while your AC is on. It allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature a few degrees higher due to the airflow.

    Recently I purchased a hybrid water heater, it uses a heat pump to heat up water so it actually cools my home while it heats up water. Very cool…

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