Check out the EB Games Black Friday Ad.  You can see they are heavily promoting the Nintendo Wii as this is one of the hottest gifts this holiday season.

EB Games Black Friday Ad:

Animal Crossing for Nintendo DS $34.99
Big Brain Academy for Nintendo DS $19.99
Brain Age for Nintendo DS $19.99
Children of Mana for Nintendo DS $29.99
Excite Truck for Nintendo Wii $49.99
Grand Theft Auto III for PS2 (used) $2.99
Legend of Zelda for Gamecube (used) $9.99
Madden 06 (PS2)-adscan $9.99
Madden 07 for Nintendo Wii $49.99
Mario & Donkey Kong 2 for Nintendo DS $29.99
Mario Luigi Superstar Saga for GBA (used) $12.99
Metroid Hunters for Nintendo DS (used) $14.99
Metroid Prime for Gamecube (used) $3.99
Need for Speed Underground 2 for Xbox (used) $6.99
Nintendo DS Handheld $129.99
Nintendogs for Nintendo DS $29.99
Perfect Dark Zero for Xbox360 (used) $19.99
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for Nintendo DS $29.99
Star Wars Battlefront for Xbox (used) $9.99
Super Mario 64 Nintendo DS (used) $14.99
Super Mario Bros (New) for Nintendo DS $34.99
Yoshis Island for Nintendo DS $29.99
Zelda for Nintendo Wii $49.99
Zelda Strategy Guide (with purchase of game) $11.99

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