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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Smart People

Here is our hand-picked list of articles to help you save money the smart way. Enjoy!

25 Ways to Save Money – The Lazy Man’s Way

Learn how to save time and money the easy and “lazy” way.

100+ Free Birthday Meal Restaurants – The Ultimate List

Birthday Dog and Cat
View the mega list of restaurant that offer free birthday meals.  Don’t forget to share this with friends.

Want to Change Your Life, Throw Out Your TV Today

For anyone that says they don’t have enough time.  This one’s for you.  A life-changer for sure.

Where to Buy Cheap Infomercial Products

P90x, Insanity, all your favorite and infamous infomercial products cheap.

Top 5 Cheap Photo Print Sites

Photo Book
Why pay for photos when you can get them for FREE.  Photos make great personal gifts.  Check it out, click here.

The Latte Factor – Why Starbuck is Killing Your Retirement

Starbucks at the Beach
What is the hidden cost of your Starbucks coffee?

Top 10 Bargain Fast Foods

Wendys Meal
How many calories can you get for a buck?  Proceed with caution.

Top 10 Fast Food Meals that Make You Fat

Kid Mcdonalds
Avoid these foods at any cost.  Save money and stay healthy.

Slash Your Food Bill With This One Simple Tip

Salad plate
Save hundreds of dollars with this simple food tip.

25 Fun & Free Things To Do With Kids

Fun doesn’t have to cost a dime.  Mommies will love these.

10 Cheap & Fun Dates

Love is free isn’t it?

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