Here is a list of restaurant coupons available.  If you have a coupon or discount that you would like to share please send me an email, I’ll put it one here for everyone to use.  Some of these are printable coupons so you may need access to a printer.


Restaurant Coupons Offer
Offer Expires:
Arbys Buy 1 Sandwich get 2nd Free Limited Time
Baskin Robbins Free Scoop of Ice Cream Limited Time
Baskin Robbins $1 Off any Frozen Drink August 19, 2007
Burger King $7 Credit when you use your Visa Card August 31, 2007
Boston Market Hot Deals and Coupons August 7, 2007
Carls Jr Buy Sandwich and Drink and get a Free Sandwich January 31, 2008
Chuck E Cheeses Get 30 Free Tokens When You Buy 30 August 31, 2007
Chuck E Cheeses 1 Large Pizza + 30 Tokens + 3 Drinks for $19.99 August 31, 2007
Chuck E Cheeses 1 Large Pizza + 100 Tokens + 4 Drinks for $30.00 August 31, 2007
Cold Stone Creamery Free Cold Stone Creation on your Birthday Limited Time
Cold Stone Creamery $1 Off Dew Iced Smoothie July 31, 2007
Del Taco Buy 1 Shredded Beef Taco get 1 Free August 31, 2007
Del Taco Free Macho Upgrade with Meal August 31, 2007
Del Taco $1 Off Shredded Beef Combo Meal August 31, 2007
Del Taco Free Hash Browns with Breakfast Burrito Limited Time
Donut Connection Free Donut Coupons plus many other Discounts December 31, 2007
Hardees Free Cinnamon Raison Bisquit with Breakfast Meal July 22, 2007
Jamba Juice Buy 1 Get 1 Free Smoothie July 4, 2007
KFC Many Great Money Saving Discounts July 29, 2007
Nathans Buy 1 Hot Dog get the 2nd Free December 31, 2007
Papa Johns $0.99 Large Pizza with purchase of Specialty Pizza October 31, 2007
Pizza Hut Many Great Money Saving Discounts July 27, 2007
Pizza Hut Free Breadsticks with purchase of a Pizza July 27, 2007
Planet Hollywood $5 Off your $20 order December 31, 2007
Popeyes Many Great Money Saving Discounts Limited Time
Pretzel Time 1 Free Pretzel with purchase of a Combo December 31, 2008
Quiznos Free Chips and Drink with purchase of Sub July 4, 2007 40% Off your Entire Order Limited Time Coupons to many Local Restaurants Limited Time
Restaurant Coupons

Some coupons I have to add soon: McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa Johns, Red Lobster

Restaurant Coupons Tips

When it comes to the food service industry, competition is becoming quite aggressive as most restaurant businesses aim to attract diners from other food services with restaurant coupons. To boost their very own dining traffic, competitors are learning to provide new dining services and innovate their menus from time to time. Restaurants are feeling vast pressure and they are gradually demonstrating creativity and other enhancements to improve food service and convenience with restaurant coupons to differentiate from the competition. Thus, the restaurants, which appeal to a large demographic of diners, are the ones that offer the latest in cutting-edge concepts. Restaurant coupons associated with stellar food service, professional customer service and a healthy, comfortable setting are almost a guarantee for an increased return of profits.
Restaurant Trends for Y2K

The nation has seen a boost in the number of domestic households in the last fifteen years, but it’s clear that the population has declined as well. Statistics show a net decrease in the quantity of individuals per household. This comes chiefly from the household growth of single people, and an increase in the household growth of childless couples. Restaurant coupons are becoming readily handy as fast food and full service restaurants continue to see the benefits of the restaurant trend in the 21st century. The simple fact is more individuals and couples see the advantage in eating out, as opposed to preparing meals at home. Many an American use restaurant coupons to dine out at least one day a week (some even go as far as going to restaurants 2-3 days per week).
Restaurant Coupons make for Lucrative Business

It’s no secret that McDonald’s is a giant among the food service industry, as the franchise chain equips their restaurants with wireless Internet, plasma televisions and cozy leather chairs for the “next generation” of frequent diners. The restaurant coupons offered don’t hurt this billion-dollar business either. The goal of McDonald’s renovation is to not only regain their customers (that may have gone elsewhere in the past for better meal deals), but also attract the customer that may like to linger at the restaurant throughout an entire day. Other restaurants are taking note by offering attractive restaurant coupons to increase business and boost sales. In fact, the expectations of consumers regarding the dining experience are considerably changing. Healthier menu choices, innovative product introductions, scintillating restaurant coupons and family-friendly logos are successful in a sound attempt to produce more restaurant purchases.

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