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Hawaiian Airlines Contact Information

Hawaiian Airlines
3375 Koapaka Street, G-350
Honolulu, HI 96819
Toll Free 1-800-367-5320
Facsimile 1-808-835-3690

Mr. Cheap Stuff’s Hawaiian Airlines Review

Hawaiian Airlines is my favorite airline when flying to and from Hawaii. I would say the best thing about Hawaiian Airlines is the excellent service. You can really tell the difference if you ever flew on another airlines before. The people are extremely friendly and positive. There were even times when I could have flown on a cheaper airline but flew Hawaiian instead just because I love the service.

Hawaiian Airlines flies to most major cities on the West Coast. They also offer very competitive rates compared to other airlines. I love that they actually serve you guava fruit juice on inter-island flights. It makes you really feel like your really in paradise. The food on my mainland flights were also much higher quality than other airlines that I have flown before.

When it comes to reservations, Hawaiian airlines have been in business for over 70 years. They have been serving the Pacific islands for decades to be the oldest airline service of Hawaii. Hawaiian airlines reservations is doing well enough in the industry to boast of being the 12th largest airline carrier in the nation, and can pride itself of airplane flights between the Hawaiian islands to the South Pacific and US west coast.

Lowest Fare Hawaiian Airlines Reservations

There’s been a recent upgrade with Hawaiian airlines with an upgrade to the Boeing 717-200 inter-island fleet. Hawaiian airlines are even in the middle of another upgrade to the Boeing 767-300ER transpacific. The DC-10 aircraft is still in flight service between Los Angeles, California and Honolulu. The chief competition comes from Aloha airlines to serve the precise destinations as Hawaiian airlines. Since the founding of Aloha airlines, the two airline services have been in crucial competition with reservations, customer service, costs and flights. Boeing 717-200 flights are not only all-jet, but offered daily between the islands of Lanai, Molokai, Oahu, Maui, the Big Island and Kauai in Hawaii.

The wide body service of the Boeing 767-300ER and the DC-10 provide flight service to the South Pacific and North American destinations. Hawaiian airlines reservations aside, the service is noted for expensive prices (although reasonable in comparison to Island Air). However, there is a variety of deals on airline flights with Hawaiian airlines.

Pros: Hawaiian airlines are consistently committed to offer a new fleet of airplanes. The airplanes are usually clean, as all bags and luggage are checked by hand. Among the inter-island airline services (Hawaiian airlines, Island Air, Aloha airlines), Hawaiian usually has the least expensive online fare deals. There is normally a historical recording of the islands in Hawaii as the plane flies over them. Hawaiian used to offer Hawaiian Airlines coupons but most booking are done online.

Cons: Hawaiian airlines reservations are not renowned for being the friendliest in the business. It can take awhile to speak with an agent in reservations, and the staff is “business standard” at best. Tourists and regular flyers don’t get the “Aloha” spirit they expect with Hawaiian airlines reservations. The commitment of on-time arrival and departure is below-the-bar with crucial delays and the first-class of inter-island flights hardly delivers an upgrade from the coach section, as the seats are cramped. Moreover, there is an occasional stench from the lavatories on the airplane, which protrudes throughout the Hawaiian airlines airplane, as well as serious problems with air conditioning and gear failures.

There is still much to be desired with Hawaiian airlines reservations with long lines for flights that are delayed. Although the inter-island flights are above-average due to the brief duration (30 minutes), the flight service to/from Los Angeles, California to Honolulu can be the worst. Hawaiian airlines reservations can boast of an outstanding, top quality Internet service with different state-of-the-art services that consist of making online reservations, purchasing tickets, scheduling flight service, as well as viewing the Hawaiian airlines account for flights, food menus and air miles. For visiting attractions and tours, the prices of Hawaiian airlines can be quite reasonable.