The AeroGarden is an appliance about the size of a standard microwave oven that lets you to grow herbs or vegetables in your home, regardless of available sunlight. The AeroGarden uses a hooded lighting system to provide seedlings and growing herbs and plants with 16 hours of light, using energy efficient bulbs. A computerized system regulates the lighting, water distribution, and addition of vital organic nutrients essential for growth.

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About AeroGarden

Seeds for herbs, vegetables, and flowers come in a kit of small pods that contain the seeds of a specific herb or vegetable. Each pod acts as a greenhouse, while the roots under the base of each plant are suspended in the air in an enclosed growing chamber. This chamber acts as a humidity-rich, highly oxygenated growing chamber and only needs to be filled with water bi-weekly to help herbs and plants grow speedily.

AeroGarden Contact Information

6075 Longbow Drive Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80301

Mr. Cheap Stuff’s Review

The AeroGarden is easy to use, and after its initial set up it requires practically no maintenance. After putting the two full-spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs in the lamp section, you attach the lamp section to the base, and essentially you are done. It only takes a few minutes, and then you decide what types of herbs you want to grow.

The AeroGarden grows through Aeroponics. Aeroponics is a system in which the roots hang suspended in air while being watered and fed nutrients constantly in the base chamber. The overhead light is automatic and you can time it to turn on or off according to your individual timetable. It’s energy efficient and uses the same amount of electricity as a 60-watt bulb. You push the button for the herb kit you are planting and it will automatically turn on for the specified time each day.

Once you have the garden set up all you have to do is watch and wait. The automatic system will alert you when water is low and when you should add nutrients. It only takes about four weeks to harvest some of the plants. There are tips and help about harvesting the herbs, and any other questions, in the handbook that comes with the system.

Once the herbs or vegetables are ripe you need to water them more frequently. The water light comes on when the levels are low. It’s as easy as lifting the small lid on the front of the garden to see how far down the water is from the marked line.

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