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Apple Store  offers some great deals with their coupon and promotions.  You can save hundreds of dollars off a refurbished iPods or Mac.   Free  Shipping with $50 orders instead of driving miles to the nearest Apple Store.   You can find everything  you need for  your iPod  and  Mac at

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The Apple iPod shuffle is one of the hottest gifts this holiday season. I love its form factor being as small as a match box. This is great for anyone active and doesn’t want to clunk around a large MP3 player.


The Microsoft Zune has gotten a lot of hype as yet another iPod Killer. You can now pre-order 3 different colors (Brown, White and Black). The ship date of the Zune say 11/14/06 at Since this is Microsoft’s reentry into the MP3 player market it has got quite a buzz. Also because it is from Microsoft some people will love it while others will hate it.

Personally I think the Zune has a lot to offer for a MP3 player below the $250 market. seems to be the first online merchant to be offering pre-orders as many people were still guessing how much this device would cost just a few days ago. It also includes ear buds, ear bud covers and sync cable so your ready to go right out of the box.

Here are the specification and features of the Zune:

* 30 GB Storage Space (7,500 songs, 25,000 photos or 100 hours video)
* FM Tuner
* 3″ Color Video Screen (Portrait or Landscape Mode)
* Photo and Video Compatibility
* Online Music Store
* Hard Drive Storage Format
* Wifi Sharing – Stream Music to other Zune devices


Apple has discount prices on their refurbished iPods. If you were thinking about getting an MP3 player Apple has some great prices right now. All Apple refurbished products are pre-owned and go though Apples stringent refurbishment process. All Apple products are covered by their One-Year Limited Warranty.

Here are some of the prices of Apples refurbished products

* iPod 30 GB White – $179
* iPod Nano 2 GB White/Black – $99
* iPod Nano 4 GB White/Black – $169
* iPod Shuffle 512 MB – $49
* iPod Mini 4 GB – $99

They also have a huge selection of their new line of iPod products for sale.

Heather now has the special edition red iPod nano for sale. What makes the red iPod nano special? For every red iPod nano purchased Apple will donate $10 to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. Also this is a limited edition product that is only sold at Apple Stores.

Last week Oprah and Bono came together to promote this product and cause. Ok, it’s not cheap but it is a good cause.

Jesse has some sweet deals on their refurbished iPods. Apples refurbished products come with a full 1 year warranty and have been know to be reliable. No Apple iPod coupon is needed for these deals. Check back for more deals.

Now as low as $99 bucks

Here are some of the refurbished Apple iPod deals:

* iPod Shuffle 512 MB – $29.00 – Original Price: $99.00
* iPod Shuffle 1 GB – $59.00 – Original Price: $149.00
* iPod Nano 2 GB – $99.99 – Original Price: $199.00
* iPod Nano 4 GB – $149.00 – Original Price: $249.00

They have different colors for these iPods plus you can purchase extended warranties and support if you choose.


You don’t need a lot of money to be able to afford a Apple iPod these days. Refurbished Apple iPods are the way to go if you want the best deal. When you buy a refurbished Apple iPod you get Apple’s 1 year warranty plus each iPod goes through a stringent refurbishment process. Refurbished iPod products don’t stay in-stock long so if your thinking about grabbing one of these I recommend you order soon.

Current Refurbished Apple iPod Deals

Refurbished iPod Shuffle 1 GB – $59.00, free shipping
Refurbished iPod Nano 4 GB Black/White – $149.00, free shipping

Also check out their cool new Apple iPod Shuffle. I want one of these for Christmas because they are so tiny, which makes it very convenient when working out or on the go.

Nicole has a cheap iPod Nano 4GB for only $149. This iPod Nano is refurbished but come with a 1 year warranty. Retail price for this iPod Nano 4GB model was $249, you also get free shipping. Right now they have White and Black iPod Nano models available. If your worried about the quality of a refurbished iPod you can even buy an additional AppleCare protection plan.

Apple iPods rarely go on sale so buying a cheap refurbished iPod may be your best bet in scoring a good deal on an iPod.

Lisa has released more refurbished iPods at discounted prices. If your worried about buying a refurbished iPod you will have assurance with Apple’s 1 year warranty. These deals on refurbished iPods usually don’t last very long as people seem to pick them up pretty quick. Grab them while you can.

Apple Refurbished iPod Deals

* Refurbished iPod Nano 2 GB – White/Black – Original Price $199.00, Now $99.00
* Refurbished iPod Nano 4 GB – White – Original Price $249.00, Now $149.00
* Refurbished iPod w/ Color Display (20 GB) – Original Price $299.00, Now $119.00
* Refurbished iPod w/ Color Display (30 GB) – Original Price $349.00, Now $149.00

Alec just released new colors of their popular iPod shuffles. They are $79 with free shipping and personal engraving. I’m sure they are going to sell a ton of these new iPod shuffles for Valentines Day. They look sleek and hip. Anyone that works out or goes jogging will appreciate the size and form factor of the iPod shuffle.

For a nice Valentines Day Gift you could order an iPod with a personal engraving plus load it with your significant others favorite songs. More Coupons and Promotions.


Right now has more refurbished Apple iPods in stock. All Apple refurbished iPods have a 1 year limited warranty. Here is what is currently in stock. New Generation iPod Nano Apple iPod Nano, 2 GB – Silver – $109.00 Free Shipping Apple iPod Nano, 4 GB – Silver, Green, Blue, Pink – $149.99 – Free Shipping Apple iPod Nano, 8 GB – Black – $199.99 – Free Shipping Previous Generation iPod Nano Apple iPod Nano, 2 GB – White – $99.99 – Free Shipping Apple iPod Nano, 4 GB – White, Black – $129.99 – Free Shipping

Freddy has a limited time discount on their extremely popular refurbished iPod nano. You can select from all four colors which include Silver, Green, Pink and Blue. The retail price for these 4 GB iPod nano are $199 but you can get these refurbished iPods for $129 with free shipping. Each refurbished iPod Nano is covered by Apple’s One-Year Limited Warranty.

If you have been holding out for a cheap iPod Nano this is your chance. These 4 GB iPods hold 1,000 songs and have playback up to 24 hours. Also because this is a flash drive MP3 player they are great to use when running or working out, no skipping baby. No coupon code necessary to get this discount, grab them before they run out.


Apple Store Online has a promotion for a free iPod Nano when you purchase a Mac computer. You must be a college student, teacher or parent to be able to qualify for this Apple Store promotion. Although I don’t know how they can check to see if you are actually in college. You also get free shipping on your order. This special offer is valid now through September 16th.

Also Apple Store still has refurbished iPod Nanos for $129 with free shipping.


For a limited time Apple Store has a 2 GB refurbished iPod nano for $99. The retail price for a brand new iPod nano is $149, so you save $50. This includes free shipping. If your one of the few people that still don’t have an iPod this is a nice chance to get one for a good price. All refurbished iPod nanos come with a 1 year warranty. This offer is while supplies last. Apple also has another promotion for college students offering a free iPod nano with the purchase of a Mac.

Refurbished iPod Nano Specs

* Holds up to 500 songs
* Up to 24 hours of music playback
* 1.41 ounces
* 3.5 x 1.6 x 0.26 inches
* Apple Earphones
* USB cable
* dock adapter

Refurbished iPod Nano – $99


Apple recently slashed prices on their refurbished iPods. You can pick up a 2GB iPod Nano for $79, 4GB iPod Nano for $99 and a 8GB Black iPod for $149. also offer free shipping on iPod orders. Apple-Certified Refurbished products are pre-owned Apple products that undergo Apple’s stringent refurbishment process prior to being re-sold. All Apple-Certified products are covered by Apple’s One-Year Limited Warranty.

Vicky is offering refurbished current generation ipod nano for a hot price of $129 for the 4GB and $169 for the 8GB. You can save up to 16% off the original price. Apple is offering free shipping on these ipod nanos.

If you are worried about your refurbished ipod breaking, it comes with the same one year limited warranty as a new nano. This nano actually has video playback, unlike the nano I order a couple weeks ago. Just my luck, I should have waited a little while longer.


Apple just marked down Refurbished iPods. You can save up to 38% off. They have the same 1 year warranty as a brand new iPod. They come with new earbuds, accessories, battery and outer shell.

Here are some of the price drops:
iPod Nano 4GB was $99, now only $79
iPod Nano 8GB was $129, now only $99
iPod touch 8GB was $199, now only $179
iPod touch 16GB was $239, now only $219
iPod touch 32GB was $399, now only $319
iPod Classic 80GB was $179, now only $169
iPod Classic 160GB was $279, now only $249

Whenever my ipod nano breaks or dies, I will buy one of these because they are cheaper than a new one and has the same warranty, so if it breaks within a year, I can get another free or get it fixed.


Apple is offering free laser engraving on iPod Touch, Nano and Classic. Order by 12/19 and get fast free shipping. Get your new Mac by 12/31 and get a tax break for 2009. Refurbished Apple iPod classic 160GB is only $199, it was $299, so you save about 33%. They have the same warranty as a brand new ipod, new battery, new shell in a new white box.

I wish I could get a new macbook pro, this year, because my macbook is almost 2 years old. Too bad, I didn’t wait and buy my nano from apple and get something engraved on the back. I got mine from Costco, before I went to California, to keep me occupied on the plane. I have a hard time sleeping on planes because I can’t move around and it hurts my back.


Apple Store is offering Refurbished 8GB iPod Nanos for only $99. Brand New is $149, a savings of $50 or 33%. Get a Refurbished 8GB iPod Touch for only $149. Brand new it retails for $199, a savings of $50 or 25%. Free Shipping with $50 orders. All Refurbished Ipod comes with the same 1 year limited warranty, a new battery and outer shell and unopened earbuds.

I bought my Ipod Nano from Costco for $130, last year. I wished I could have waited for this refurbished iPod and saved an extra $40. I bought my New MacBook Pro and they shipped it free via UPS. I really like my macbook because it’s faster than my white macbook. It has more RAM, a bigger hard drive and the battery last longer.

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