FRS energy drink offers a great way to boost your energy levels at time of the day. Abbreviated smartly (from Free Radical Scavengers), FRS energy drinks provide a healthy solution to your energy needs. Before we explore the different FRS cans, it must be pointed out that the energy drink can be consumed by almost anyone- be it the busy professional who leads an active lifestyle, or the tired athlete who has just finished a couple of laps or simple a person who is prone to frequent attacks. The average person will experience heightened energy levels after 30 minutes of drinking FRS energy drink.

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About FRS Energy Drinks

The attractive feature about FRS is that it comes in a range of flavors. The exquisite flavors include Peach orange, Wild berry, Orange and Lemon. All of these FRS drinks come in a ‘ready-to-drink’, grab and go format. However, for those who choose to drink FRS on a regular basis may prefer the beverage or liquid concentrate. A bottle of the concentrate can be easily stored in the refrigerator and will yield about sixteen servings. Also available is the powdered drink mix that takes the form of small packets that can provide up to 14 glasses of the drink, when made up with water.

So what is the magic ingredient is FRS that does the trick? The key to this question lies in the name itself – ‘FRS’ contains a superior Free Radical Scavenging agent known as Quercetin. Free radicals are harmful chemical species produced in our bodies as part of normal metabolism. These highly reactive chemical species can damage our cells and tissues and even weaken the immune system. Free radical scavengers like Quercetin mop up these harmful chemicals and protect the body from oxidative damage. In fact, FRS energy drinks contain 325mgof the scavenging agent. Quercetin is a natural free radical scavenging agent found in apple skin, blueberries, red onions and spinach.

Apart from its protective effects, Quercetin has also been shown to reduce fatigue and boost your body’s natural energy levels by blocking a certain enzyme within cells. In addition to Quercetin, FRS energy drinks also contain other biologically active ingredients like green tea catechins and vitamins. These components aptly support beneficial effects of Quercetin on the body.    FRS energy drink also contains low amounts of caffeine, which helps in the absorption of its other active ingredients by the body.

Given these facts, what is the daily recommended intake of FRS for a healthy individual in need to energy? Except for athletes, who might need an extra serving of FRS, active individuals are advised to have two servings of FRS, one preferably in the morning and the second one during the afternoon.

FRS Top Selling Products

Low Cal Wild Berry
Low Cal Peach Mango
Low Cal Orange
Lemon Lime
Soft Chews (Orange, Lemon Lime, Pomegranate Blueberry)

FRS Contact Information

The FRS Company
101 Lincoln Centre Drive, Suite 500
Foster City, California 94404

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