As the first of paperless, 100% electronic checking account in the US, ING Checking boasts of altering the way individuals will do banking in the 21st century. Clients can earn a terrific rate with easy cash access, Internet Free Bill Pay, a debit card with an Electric Orange MasterCard logo, and so much more. ING Checking offers the convenience and access of checking with the power of earning savings. The client can actually generate funds while managing the money in the account with high interest earnings via the Electric Orange program.

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About our ING Direct

ING Checking specializes in online business, by mail and over the telephone as well. Without the need for high costs of operations and overhead of the competition, ING can transmit the savings to its customers. Electric Orange is a paperless, easy-to-use checking account, which also pays an excellent rate of interest. Orange Savings is an account that allows the client to save with absolutely no minimums, no fees and among the greatest rates in America. Orange Mortgage is renowned for having a no-hassle, simple application process, no application fee, and terrific rates that saves thousands of dollars on mortgage in comparison to customary fixed mortgages of 30 years.
The Worldwide Services of ING Direct

NYSE:ING backs this unique approach of banking with ING Checking. ING Direct is a worldwide financial institution originated with Dutch roots to provide asset, banking and insurance management to more than 60 million corporate, institutional and private clients in over 50 countries. ING has more than 112,000 employees in 50 nations, which includes over 10,000 in America (it’s been in business for more than 100 years in the US). ING Direct is a respected member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) that insures deposits of the bank no more than $100,000. ING Direct has headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware with state-of-the-art ING cafes in Wilmington, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Chicago for the “Orange” experience.
ATM Access of ING Checking

The convenience of the MasterCard debit card of Electric Orange can secure purchases basically anywhere the MasterCard is allowed where the client just signs a receipt or enter the PIN number of the card and go about his/ her business. There is even free access of an ATM at over 32,000 locations across the nation. Moreover, via the Allpoint Network, cash withdrawals don’t have any surcharges for ING Checking clients at the ATM.

A client can send funds securely at no cost with ING Electric Checks. With the Electric Orange, a customer just has to send funds to any individual’s bank account with the Electric Checks at no cost. The individual only has to enter information of the person, payment details, and then an e-mail will be forwarded to a recipient. The individual can click within an e-mail the link to enter account information on a secure page and the funds are transferred.

The client can be assured funds in the Electric Orange account of ING Checking is insured by the FDIC. Moreover, the ING Checking account is secured by innovative and unique PIN process of entry of PIN Guard. Thus, e-mail notifications can be setup to notify the customer if a transaction on the card is more than a specific amount, or if the account balance goes under a specific level. Contact Information
1-800-746-8696’s Review

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Mr. Cheap Stuff

I opened up an account with ING Direct for about a year now and have been very satisfied. To get 4.40 savings account interest at most banks they require a large minimum in your account. ING Orange Account does not even have a minimum, no fees and FDIC insured. This one is pretty much a no brainer if you have a money sitting in your local savings account. I recommend getting an account as the sign up is quick and easy.

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