In the provision of more sophisticated and honest beef flavor, La Cense is truly unique, with 100% of nutritious, grass-fed beef. With a premier profile in health and nutrition, La Cense Beef offers vital benefits to the entire family.  All the beef with the company comes directly from the cattle ranch, where cows are raised without hormones added and graze exclusively in the open pasture of plants and grass free of pesticide—they don’t graze on corn or grain. La Cense Beef is all-natural beef that’s grass-fed straight from the ranch of Montana. There are many gourmet beef package deals on the website for first-time purchasers and frequent customers.

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About La Cense Beef

As far as facts are concerned, La Cense Beef products are low in fatty acids of Omega 6 and high in fatty acids of Omega 3.  La Cense Beef is higher in conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs). In the function of the plants and grass cattle grazes upon, the beef produced is much higher in the nutritional value of beta-carotene. La Cense Beef is free from antibiotics, pesticides and artificial hormones.
La Cense Beef is much lower in fat and calories than corn or grain-fed beef, as well as lower compared to “natural” beef that’s grain-finished. As an example, a La Cense Black Angus 6-ounce beef steak (grass-fed) is about 100 calories less than a similar steak of 6 ounces that’s been produced from grain-finished cattle.

“Organic” Vs Grass-Fed Beef
Most beef that’s supposedly “organic” on the meat market is fed with grain that usually ends up in feedlots. Even in the case where the grain is purely organic, this is still a compromise to the health of cattle and the quality in beef. The upbringing of healthy cattle that’s raised in a setting that’s natural with a lifetime of natural grass is of more importance to La Cense Beef than the labeling of “organic”.

As La Cense Black Angus beef is finished and fed solely on grass, other beef brands that are “grass-fed” are finished on grain. This produces a quick increase in weight before the beef market. Moreover, it’s important to note that La Cense Beef never places its cattle in feedlots to be finished on grain. The most natural feed for the cattle is grass, as opposed to grain. Not only is grain difficult to digest for cattle, but can risk the need for antibiotics. The advent of any quantity of grain to a cow’s diet can reduce the quality in beef this diminishes the real flavor of beef and health benefits. Beef that’s grass-fed has less in fat, cholesterol and calories. Thus, 100% of grass-fed beef with La Cense makes the ideal heart-healthy alternative for the best cuisines.

The Black Angus beef is trimmed and hand cut after being dry-aged for exactly 19 days. Not only is La Cense Beef USDA verified, but processed at a plant that’s USDA certified. Next, the order (via the Internet or toll-free number) is normally placed in a container that’s insulated with freezer packs of gel. La Cense Beef is perishable, so all orders are forwarded through Next Day Air UPS or Second Day Air to ascertain the client receives the best quality in beef. Thus, La Cense Beef is in the process of producing beef that’s healthy for the heart in each step from the cattle ranch to the family table.

La Cense Beef Contact Information

La Cense Beef, LLC
124 S. Montana St.
Dillon, MT 59725

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