Lens.com leads the industry in contact lens direct-to-consumer marketing. They offer the chief brands and sorts of lenses at prices no more than 70% under the retail price. Lens.com is the quickest increasing direct-to-consumer supplier of contact lens on the globe. They have accomplished this particular reputation in the combination of lowest prices with professional, individual customer service.

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About Lens.com

Lens.com has pride about the top quality of order fulfillment and customer service. Orders for contact lenses are sent out through FedEx or USPS. Many of the orders are normally processed and in shape to ship in a 48-hour period. Lens.com assures they arrive in 3 to 5 business day subsequent to shipment. The customer can contact Lens.com to place an order over the telephone. It’s advisable to have a credit card and prescription contact lens information on hand during a call.

Lens.com is on assorted Secure Servers and the customer’s information provided is secured through the most esteemed standard of encryption Internet technology. The mission of the Lens.com is easily to offer the customer with a method without friction of purchasing contact lenses. Lens.com provides the least costly prices and quality service on name brand lenses on the globe. The increasing numbers that have been involved with Lens.com express a love for the prices and vow not to overpay for lenses in the future. The needs of the customer are a priority for Lens.com.

Guarantees on Price and Customer Satisfaction

Lens.com goes the extra mile to check various prices of all retail and major lens distributors online on a frequent basis. Customers are pleased that lens.com prices are actually 15% less than most prominent vendors online. Lens.com has discovered that its prices are no less than 50% below visiting a local eye care professional or optician. Due to the volume, Lens.com is increasingly becoming among the Internet’s largest contact lens retailer. The contact lens order is also delivered directly to the door to save money and time for the customer.

Lens.com assures the customer will receive a specific brand and type of contact lenses in the order and in confirmation of the optician’s prescription. Each pair of the contact lenses will be sealed in packaging from the manufacturer or the whole purchase will be a refund. It’s a guarantee that all orders of contact lenses will be a free delivery of any defects of the manufacturer or Lens.com will have them replaced at no added cost on the order.

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