netflix logoNetflix is one of the largest DVD rental companies available to movie lovers. Netflix users can rent as many DVDs as they wish at a very low price. Users are not charged late fees and there aren’t any due dates which are typical for traditional video stores. Shipping of DVDs is free both ways

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Ordering from Netflix is simple. All you have to do is create your own list of DVDs online straight from the Netflix web site. Netflix will then rush your selection of DVDs from your list. Then you return a movie to get a new one in a prepaid return envelope. Then you can keep each DVD as long as you want which makes this great for those who are busy. You can cancel at anytime on the Internet 24 hours per day and there are no cancellation fees.

Netflix plans start at around $4.99 plus tax. There is also a very popular plan where as you can rent as many DVDs as you desire. However, you can rent up to 3 DVDs at a time. Plus you can watch 17 hours of movies on your PC instantly all for $16.99 a month plus tax.

New customers can try this DVD service through a free trial offer. If you chose to not to continue after your trial is up, make sure that cancel your account before it actually ends otherwise you will be charged. If you chose to continue with Netflix, you don’t have to do anything, your membership will continue automatically. It will continue on the plan that you selected. You don’t have to worry about your membership expiring, it will continue as long as you remain a member.

I recommend Netflix because of the convenience and the fact that you can order movies over the Internet rather than traveling all the way to a video store. Many video stores have a limited selection and if someone has already taken out the movie that you want to see, you have to wait until it’s re-stocked. Netflix has a much wider range movies. There are over 85,000 titles available. It only takes one day for delivery. Recently, Netflix users can watch their movies instantly on the computers, this is a great option.

Pros: Free shipping both ways. Classics are available to new releases to TV series. Cancel anytime and watch movies instantly on your PC.

Users are only allowed 3 DVDs at a time. New customers must cancel before their free trial ends otherwise they will be charged for the month.

Netflix Top Movies

The Blind Side
The Bucket List
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Departed
The Hurt Locker
Sherlock Holmes
Iron Man
No Country for Old Men
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Netflix has been offering their $4.99 month subscriptions for about a month now. I definitely recommend because of their great DVD selection and ease of use. Want to know another reason to pick up a Netflix subscription? Because most times there is crap on TV, I have to slap myself sometimes when I catch myself watching some reality TV shows or find myself watching ESPN Sportscenter reruns.

The Easy Way To Watch All Your Favorite TV Shows

The Invisible Jack Bauer on 24

I didn’t forget all you Television show fanboys either. If you want to watch all your favorite TV shows or even catch up on a season of your favorite TV show Netflix has you covered. They have season DVD like the popular TV shows Lost, Entourage, Sex in the City, Sopranos, 24 and Family Guy.

I have not been able to watch 24 yet but really want to because everyone I know raves about it. I have to queue those DVDs and catch up. Anybody else love 24?

Enjoy Watching Documentaries and Non-Fiction?

Netflix Inconvenient Truth
An Inconvenient Truth – Save the World!

For those of you that like Non-Fiction and Documentaries then this is your playground. They have documentaries like The Inconvenient Truth and many History Channel Series like Modern Marvels and History Channel Presents. I also like the series Discovery Atlas and even Money and Finance DVDs. There are a growing list of educational DVDs also.

The $4.99 plan from Netflix is there lowest subscription model. They have many other subscriptions models to suite your viewing habits. Check them out.

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