For inexpensive student airline travel and other discounts, STA Travel provides deals on budget hotels, airfare and travel. Flexible packages are available for students that are affordable and easy. As the new year is only a few months away, a college student can return to the campus from as little as $51 with STA Travel.

The ideal student airfares for the college student can be achieved with the assorted STA Travel packages. It’s also important to note that the airfares do not include fees and taxes. Moreover, changes of dates are permitted for $50, in addition to airfare difference. The fares of STA Travel are one way and nonrefundable (if less than $150), and subject to accessibility.

STA Travel Coupons
Expires Use Coupon
Student Exclusive Tickets – No Booking Fee, use Coupon Code: NOFEE 9/30/10 Coupon 1
$20 Off Air Pacific Student Airfare, use Coupon Code: FJ20 9/30/10 Coupon 2
$20 Off QANTAS Airways Student Tickets, use Coupon Code: QFE20 9/30/10 Coupon 3


STA Travel Promotions and Deals
Deal of the DayNo Booking Fee
$20 Off Student Tickets

About STA Travel

Maximum Flexibility for Students

For the student or any individual less than 26-years-old, there’s a STA Travel Blue Ticket for maximum flexibility and savings. Imagine traveling on the leading airlines in the world with affordable tickets and flexible travel packages. Sold exclusively via STA Travel, Travel Help support in more than 90 nations is available for the student.

The STA Travel Blue Ticket is normally priced competitively, with air travel on prestigious airlines, and provides the most suitable value for the money. The conditions of flexibility are normally associated with costly airfares, and the STA Travel Blue Ticket affords you to alter travel dates for a low fee, stay wherever for no more than one year, and refund the airline ticket at assured rates. For only $22, an International Youth Travel Card or the International Student Identification Card can offer benefits with  additional great savings and the STA Travel Blue Ticket.

Affordable Telephone Calls Around the Globe

There are more than 35,000 local, global and national discounts. On International telephone calls, a student can save no more than 70%. You can remain connected at affordable rates while traveling. Friends and loved ones can even leave a message for no cost no matter the location. A STA Travel Advisor is available for additional information.

The STA Travel offers inexpensive hostels, affordable flights, student discount cards, rail passes, travel insurance, tours and treks, specials, and air + hotel packages online—as well as eNews for travel addicts. For safety assurance, the student doesn’t have to leave home without either an International wireless telephone or International phone card. Keeping in touch with family or friends can be cost effective and easy. Friends and loved ones can leave voicemails for no cost. There’s also a travel vault at no cost for the storage of vital documents. International Student Identification Card holders can even receive an added $5 bonus after activation.

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